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Ondaatje, Christopher Journey to the Source of the Nile
Page Number: 140
Extract Date: 1996

We did not stay long at Tabora

We did not stay long at Tabora. For me, the main significance of our arrival there was that Ujiji on the shore of Lake Tanganyika now really felt within our reach. I was anxious to get going.

We had a rushed lunch at the Tabora Hotel: Nile perch, chicken, and ugali � enough to satisfy our hunger. We left the hotel at 2:00 p.m. and headed for the market, near the railway station, to replenish supplies for the long journey to Ujiji.

About six kilometres after setting out, in nearby Kwihara, we visited a replica of the tembe (rectangular house) where Livingstone and Stanley stayed after their famous Ujiji meeting. It is a classic rectangular-shaped building with faded brick walls and floor of packed earth. The ailing Livingstone stayed here for five months, reading the Bible, catching up on his journal, and waiting for the supplies and porters that Stanley had promised to send him from Zanzibar. These eventually arrived in August 1872, and Livingstone left on his final journey.

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