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Page Number: 2008 07 03
Extract Date: 1967 - 1971

Matthew Hopson - Arusha School 1966 - 1970

Well done in producing this site.

(re Kirti Jani - Arusha School 1966 - 1970 -Name of Riding Teacher)

Wondered who the riding teacher was. It could have been my mother Carol Hopson who did teach riding there during this time.I attended Arusha school with my sister, Emma and brother, Rupert from 1967 - 1971. My father, Guy Hopson after a time as DC in Mwanza stayed on and became a teacher at Ilboru School.

I have actually returned a couple of times from the UK; the last time bringing my own young boys who in turn sat on the the same old tortoise.

Now I know of your site it has inspired me to go though my attic and dig up my old reports photos etc.

All the very best


Matthew Hopson

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