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Extract Author: Samuel Mponezya
Page Number: 2008 08 08
Extract Date: 1987-92

Samuel Mponezya ~ Arusha School 87 - 92

I am delighted and impressed with the information/history this web is rich in about my lovely Arusha School and Arusha as a whole.

I like to describe my days at Arusha School as the most memorable, the sports days the swimming galas, the visits to national parks e.t.c So much has been said of the lovely days that people had at Arusha School and its all positive, but an alumni will be much more positive.

My late mom (Mrs. Sarah Thomas) was a teacher there also, I aslo remember Mr. King, Miss Hughes, The Dalal's, Mr. Sawaki (My std 7 teacher) Sister Mrema at the sanatorium.

In June I got married and decided to take my Wife to see where I went to School, the grounds are in shambles and dilapidated, but the buildings are still in good shape, the architects and civil engineers did a good Job.

I would like to get in touch with the 87 - 92 class, as I still reside in Tanzania, I have only met a few since then. Congrats for the good work David.

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