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Extract Author: Lolly Van Staden (nee Ulyate)
Page Number: 2008 12 11
Extract Date: 1963 - 1968

For Jeffery Tregarthen

First off I have a new email address as above.

Then for Jeffery:Hi there Jeffery . Cant place your face but I was at Arusha School 1963 - 1968. I remember the bee incident as at it was the school nativity play held on the sports field. Randy Rudolph was a Roman sentry if I'm not mistaken. His brothers were Rodney or Robert & Richard.

Do you remember Richard Hatter? He was in North House with you & roughly same time, ask David to pass on my new email address as I am looking for lost friends & I know Richard is also.. Do you remember any other girls e.g. F" McIntyre, Linda Rowland, Nicky Ghaui to name a few?


Lolly" I was Elizabeth Ulyate at school.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Jeffrey Tregarthen
Page Number: 2008 08 05
Extract Date: 1964-69

Jeffrey Tregarthen ~ Arusha School 1964-1969.

Hiya. Great site. Like everyone else that went to Arusha School it holds lots of fond memories and would like to hear from some old friends.

I went to Arusha School from 64-69 as a boarder. I remember the I was in North House ( we had the green shirts and blue shorts house kit), the school uniform of the green shirts and khaki shorts and school cap. I still have the Arusha school badge ! I remember the school play that was held in the school field of the 'Three Wise Kings' for all the parents during an open day. The three Roman Centurians on horseback being frightened and then horses bolted to the river by the school whereby the horse riders were attacked by a swarm of bees. One of the riders was called Randy ? And had a brother also a rider (american).

Remember the midnight pillow fights between the two houses north and south! My best friend then was Alan Angelides (He was in South, used to call him 'Bangeekookoo' !), I also remember Joleyne Van Veur Heusen ( my first girlfriend there). Still have her photo. Wendy Carter, Carl & Lalle Eckman, Charles Kahama, David Glen,Freddy Ringo to name a few.

I remember also the huge Vine Tree by the Sports field which we all climbed and fell from !!! The Oak Tree trunk on its side that you could crawl into - those games of kiss catch !

My dad also went to Arusha between 1942-1944 (Marie-Pierre Tregarthen), then went onto Mpapwa College to do a 3 year Vet course with two others ex Arusha Mickael Hickson and Jimmy Miller.

My mother also attended Arusha School (1947-1952) as Yolah Maure (Along with her brothers and sister - Stanford (Stenie) Maure, Vernon Maure and Tessa Maure). My mum broke a lot of the school athletics records and her name should be on the School Boards. My mum then went onto Kongwa School.

There are so many other things I remember of the school like the lining up for school dinners (always loved the fish pie), the swimming pool, athletics and all the sports we did, school plays (remember I was the butler in you guessed it 'The Butler Did It',small part come on at the end and said 'It was me' ! Music lessons - hated them, escpecially the teacher !

The end of term School awards where if you did well during the term you were called up on stage and received awards from the school of Books (With the Arusha School Star Label inside it for whichever subject it was for). I still have those books, not many mind you !!!

Qiuck update, 49 this year, been married for twenty years s and have two daughters. Work in Shipping.

All the best / Jeff

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Date: 05-Aug-2008

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