Lise Kullander

now Madden

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Extract Author: Lise Kullander, now Madden
Page Number: 2008 08 04
Extract Date: 1955 - 61

Lise Kullander, now Madden ~ Arusha school from 1955 till 1961

I went to Arusha school from 1955 till 1961. I have been looking at the site with great interest as there were so many names I recognised. I remember the tortoise which we used to sit on, and I remember the headmaster Mr Hamshire and June Ulyate, Susan Russell, Yvonne Karafiat.

Melody Purchase who used to live in Oldeani also the van Rooyen family and Beaumont family who lived in Karatu. I wonder where everyone is now.I was born in Oldeani and we lived on several Farrab farms where my father was a manager, oh and the Larsen family,Inge and Lise.

I hope this is the right site for the Arusha school alumni as I have been searching for it for ages.

Hope someone remembers me

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