Davies Kaale

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Extract Author: Davies Kaale
Page Number: 2008 07 30
Extract Date: 1992-98

Davies Kaale ~ Arusha School ~ 1992-98

Am one among the young generation who enjoyed been at Arusha school. Am the son of mr Kaale one of the early black teachers who join the school at late 70's.He his still strong. I have been at the school between 1992-1998.At recenty years sports and games have droped down,events like swimming galas are no where to be seen, the arts and music with out forgeting the program of assembly which was at Tuesdays. We as Aluminas have to do some thing so as to help returning the old and feverate events.

The up dates have been put above.If possible we should start an organisation of Arusha School members.

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