Arusha: Temi Estates

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Extract Author: Bill Christie
Page Number: 2008 10 28
Extract Date: 1920's

Temi Coffee Estate

I am trying to find out information about Temi Coffee Estate. My grandparents from Scotland were I believe the owners in the early 1920's. They ran it for two years and when the London Dock strikes and a locust invasion hit they lost their investment and left. They had many stories of their brief time their and I was just in Tanzania but was unable to get to the Temi Coffee Estate because I did not know that it was still there until I got to Arusha but was on a very tight schedule. If you know anything of it or have any photos I would be most interested.

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Extract Author: Dr Bernard Leeman
Page Number: 2008 11 08

My father, William 'Tim' Leeman was an Ulster soldier who served from 1916 -1919 in the 4th KAR from Lake Victoria Nyzanza down through Tabora and Dodoma to Northern Mozambique. He then worked at Temi estates Arusha before going to live in Songea until his death. In the Second World War he was in Military Intelligence at Mikindani. He had a 1032 acre farm which is now Ugano Coffee Research station. I have many photos taken in the early 1920's of the Moshi-Arsuha area.

I moved to Kilimanjaro in 1968 and have a home at Ashira, Marangu. I was Chairman of the Kilimanjaro Regional branch of the Historical Association of Tanzania. One of my in-laws was Kinyala Johannes Lauwo (1871-1996 -sic), the first man known to have climbed Kilimanjaro. He was the guide for Hans Meyer in 1889 and Meyer named Johannes' Notch after him. In 1989 the West German government built Kinyala a house to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the climb.

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