Karl Segebrock

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Nelson, Christopher Photos of Arusha
Extract Date: 1960

Grave of German Lutheran Missionaries

At Akeri Lutheran Church as it appeared in 1960.

Martyred by WaMeru ~ Karl Segebrock and Ewald Ovir 1896

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Arusha Times
Extract Author: Laura Tarimo
Page Number: 472a
Extract Date: 1896

How Germans gained control over Waarusha. After defeating them, Germans built a Boma as symbol of superiority

Adapted from A History of the Lutheran Church Diocese in the Arusha Region from 1904 to 1958 by Rev. Dr. Joseph W. Parsalaw. Dissertation: Erlangen University, Germany, February 1997.

Arusha�s history goes back a bit more than a hundred years when a captain of the German colonial Administration came up with the plan of constructing a fortification in territory that was then occupied by the Waarusha tribe..

The Captain was Kurt Johannes, and the reason he thought he needed a fortification was the fiery Waarusha warriors he encountered in the area. It was Captain Johannes who made these same warriors and their tribesmen build the Boma that would be the beginnings of a town.

Captain Johannes was never in very good terms with the Waarusha. From his station in Moshi, the Captain would make diplomatic attempts to visit influential chiefs in the Arusha territory. The visits would more often than not end in scrapes with the tribesmen, which would sometimes lead to serious attacks from both sides.

On the 19th of October 1896, the Captain while visiting Chief Matunda and other influential leaders within the Akeri area, was attacked by Waarusha warriors. The attack was an attempt to avenge the raid Captain Johannes and his troops had made earlier in 1895. Two missionaries, Ewald Ovir and Karl Segebrock who were accompanying the Captain were killed during the attack.

Captain Johannes however, survived, and he rushed back to Moshi to organize Chagga troops under Lt. Moritz Merker for a retaliatory attack on the Arusha. On the 31st of October, the troops struck at the Waarusha and defeated the proud warriors.

From this victory Captain Johannes gained control over the Waarusha and their territory. The Captain confiscated all the warriors� traditional weapons and with the help of his troops, destroyed their houses and their food reserves.

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