Alex (Sandy) Armet

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Extract Author: Alex (Sandy) Armet
Page Number: 2008 11 11
Extract Date: 1951-59

Info on Mbeya

I lived in and around Tanga during the years 1951 till 1959 and around the year 1954 started attending Mbeya. My sister Betty attended two years later. I remember Princess Margret visiting..the local Catholic priest, coming off his motor bike, I remember the long dining tables, and also remember the man with the drum who let us know when it was dinner time.

My first fight was to confirm that I had first place in the meal line. I also had best friend called Peter�.and I have no idea of his last name�.but I still see us play fighting with swords on top of the airline steps as we wait for the DC10 to land and us to school. I remember being able to climb the Fir trees around the sports field and boys will�we used to bank the timber bearers waiting for the bees to come out so we could swat them. We used to roller skate and I can remember playing rugby and loving it. Great to find this site..

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