Charlotte Hutchinson

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Extract Author: Mary Winter nee Sharp
Page Number: 2009 03 26
Extract Date: 1956-57

Mary Winter nee Sharp ~ Arusha School ~ 1956-57

Jambo Rafiki, Habari?

What a wonderful trip down memory lane I've had since discovering your website.

My sister Eugenia (Jeannie) Sharp and I attended Arusha School in 1956 and 1957.

We knew the Davis family well as my dad, William Robert Sharp, also worked at Karanga Prisons Moshi as a Prison Officer. We used to go round with Mary and Martin Davis a lot.

I remember Princess Margaret's visit. They built a wooden archway in the town of Arusha to welcome her. She came to the school in the evening of her visit wearing a lovely yellow evening dress.

I wonder where some of my friends from Arusha are now - Charlotte Hutchinson, Marilyn Dingwall to name but two.

It would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me.


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