Philip Mlay

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Extract Author: Philip Mlay
Page Number: 2009 03 20
Extract Date: 1984-1990

Philip Mlay ~ Arusha school ~ 1984-1990

I just found the website from Google and I was one of Arusha school Students

its indeed a great pleasure to see how much Arusha school is still intouch from ages to present. I was there in 1984 to 1990. it was a great time to be there taken care by teachers like

Ms Kimati, Mr Kaale, Mrs Tesha, Mr Liyeta, Mr Dalal both Y and N Dalal, Mr King, Miss Webb, Mrs D'souzer, Sawaki and Mr Chagula. I also remember Mama Ngowi and his son Amani, Mama Walala, It was also nice to be West house lots of sports day almost every year.

I am presently in France Toulouse.

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