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Extract Author: Eric Bilal (nickname ) Bilauli
Page Number: 2008 03 13
Extract Date: 1976 - 1982

Eric Bilal (nickname ) Bilauli - Arusha School 1976 - 1982

Hi to all Allumni of Arusha School ,

I was there between 1976 to 1982 .I came from Uganda tho every one thought we were Tanzanians ,( such was the unity in diversity st the school),My sister was Eunice Bilal and my brother was Robert Bilal .

I had lots of close friends and it�s a pity I cant trace them .If the following are still up and kicking please Holla:

Mao and Juliet Luangisa ,

Kisamba and Hanifa Tambwe ,

Kubo Kalala and sisters,

Patricia Shango ,

Esther Amule ,

David Tembo,

Issa ,

Franco Shomari.

David , Flora and Lucy Moshi ,

Amani Mhlanga,

the Andrews,

Asinati and Haikaeli ,

Andrew Gumbo,

John Herriel,

Sunday Haule (used to be very quiete)

Flora Ngowi

the Lwakatares Ronald and George

gosh they are so many and I have fond memories of them . Where is Robert Ojok ?

I havent had the time to go back to Arusha but will do so soon.


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