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Extract Author: Sukayna Nathani
Page Number: 2009 02 17
Extract Date: 1960's

Want to find out about my father

I have been trying to get to know about Zanzibar a lot these days, I do not know why.

Maybe because, I was born in Zanzibar, as per my documents, in 1953,but as per my parents, 1955;in the month of September.

It does not matter, the only thing is that, I remember slightly of Shaikh Khalifa dying and being buried, as well as Shaikh Abdulla, who did not reign for long; and then came Shaikh Jamshid or Sayyed Jamshid, as we called him , in 1963, I think. Since I open my eyes, my father, the late Ali Redha Nathani, was in Politics, he was in the group of ZNP. I do know that some time or the other, he was a MP; and we used to live in the same house as Shaikh Shamte, if I am not mistaken, was a Minister of something or the other.

After the Revolution, my father was thrown to Prison as a Political Prisoner and served four or five years of the intial ten years sentenced handed down to him; and then we moved to Dar, and after that to Dubai, where my father died shortly after moving to Dubai.

I have been searching the web and going crazy , there are many pictures,of and mentions of Shamte, Ali Mohsin and all others, but I do not see a single name of my father, he was an important person, we used to go to the Palace and I remember sitting down on Sayyid Jamshid's laps, his daughter and me were same or nearly same age and we used to play together, his wife, who was Maleka then, used to like my mother's food and she used to cook a lot and send them, so how come I do not see any pictures of him , can u pls. help me find them?



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