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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Les Brownlow
Page Number: 2007 10 05
Extract Date: 1961-63

Les Brownlow Arusha School 1961-63

Great web site, we are fortunate to have you keeping it up to date. Good work.

My family lived in Tanganyika > Tanzania from 1954 to 1968. We were first stationed in Kongwa where my father, Les Brownlow Sr. was a teacher and House Master at Kongwa School. My mother, Vera Brownlow was matron. We left Kongwa when the school closed in 1959 and moved to Moshi where my father took up a post at the Moshi Trade School.

I went to Arusha School between 1961 and 1963 after which I was sent to St Mary's School Nairobi to contunue my eduaction.

I have fond menories of Kongwa, Moshi and Arusha. The postings from the Arusha School Alumni are particularly poignant.

One thing might be of general interest, we have cine film records (now on video) starting in Kongwa about 1955 and going through to 1968 and beyond. I find it fascinating to see this early film covering all aspects of life in Tanganyika. It occurs to me that we probably have film of family members of the Arusha School Alumni from those times. We certainly have a lot of coverage of our time at Kongwa and Moshi/Arusha. I know home movies are generally very passe but if anyone is interested it might be possible to compile a few clips for distribution digitally.

Maybe you could post this to the Arusha School Alumni.

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Shirley Round (nee Jackson)
Page Number: 2009 01 24
Extract Date: 24-Jan-2009

Moshi Trade School

Whilst looking through your great site I came across a couple of references to Moshi Trade School. I lived on the school between 1961-68 and have many memories of families that lived around us, Sunday tea at Kibo, safari trips etc.

My mother and father (Vera and Ronald Jackson) moved to Tanganika, as it was then, in 1958 firstly to Efunda and then to Moshi Trade School. My father taught the local boys electrical engineering. Having served in E. Africa during the war he fell in love with the place and was keen to emigrate when the opportunity arose. We returned to UK in late 1968.

There are two entries on your site from people there at the same time, one an friend of the family Les Brownlow and another entry from George Taylor who I must know but cant remember. They do have similar memories to me about curry peas and the book shop. If they or anyone from Moshi would like to get in touch please pass on my email address it would be great to hear from them.

I am sure there will be photos etc if you are interested or in an other information I might be able to help with.

Thanks again Dave for a great site. Unfortunately although I have tried to get back and will one day, so far I have only got as to Mombasa and Tsvo on a couple of occassions. Keep up the good work.

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