Michael Rothbletz

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Extract Author: Michael Rothbletz
Page Number: 2008 12 09
Extract Date: 1960's

Hello to you All

I stumbled across this site and all the ex pupils of Arusha School of which I am one.

I would really like to try and get hold of some of the folks mentioned but not sure how it all works.

Have noticed my name come up on the odd messages on this site and wonder how I can go about linking in with these folks ? I refer to Pat Green / Logan Steiner (ID 2428)and James and Stewart Aitkenhead ??

Thank you for your input and efforts

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nTZ Feedback
Extract Author: Logan Steiner ( aka Pat Green)
Page Number: 2008 05 22
Extract Date: 1967 to 1969

Logan Steiner ( aka Pat Green) Arusha School 1967-69

I was at Arusha school from about 1967-66 to 1969, and a few names I recognise, I think I remember Fe McIntyre and definately Danuta. I had a picture of Danuta holding a 'rounders' bat. I don't know if anyone remembers me. I was the one that fell down one Sunday, cut open my leg and they had to rush me to hospital and because of that, no one went for that 'Sunday' swim. It was all because I was racing to the dining room to get the cup of hot chocolate we always had on Sundays.

I had a best friend named Dorothy and Linda (can't remember last names). Dorothy always took me home at half-term to her farm. I think her cousin was Micheal Rothbletz (not sure of the spelling) that I had such a crush on. Linda was the one that alway stuck up for me when someone teased me about being a P.Green or a Green P!!! I'd love to chat with anyone about those days. I remember Mr. Jones, the Headmaster and his daughter Peta. I think all the other teachers, except the music teacher, I'd like to forget. They were very cruel to us kids.

Do you remember the 'Leek dish' we had and everyone hated it? We didn't eat it, so the next night we were served with no dinner! Jones wife was the cook. How many times were we locked in because we didn't shower quick enough? And those midnight feasts with a tin of Milo and saved sweets from the 'tuck cupboard'??

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