Information about northern Tanzania

a personal scrapbook of "cuttings" from published sources

This website was developed between 1996 and 2008, but since then no updates have been posted, and the technology used to generate the pages has broken.

The look and feel of the website is hence a little dated, but it is at least "responsive" and should resize to display on a smartphone or tablet.

The site still gets lots of hits (2012: 200,000), and visits from Google (66% of visits). It is also cited as a reference source in several Wikipedia entries, so rather than delete it, the site remains, but unmaintained.


The website stimulated a lot of enquiries from people trying to get in touch with people mentioned on the site. So, in 2009 a forum was setup.

nTZ.info/wiki/ is a forum for people who live, or who have lived, in northern Tanzania to post their memories and get in contact with other registered users.

Please use the forum to make contact, in preference to sending a message to the webmaster.

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Follow the This icon indicates that more information is available  icon on the source lists to see extracts selected to highlight the peoples and history of Northern Tanzania. The number by the icon (e.g. This icon indicates that more information is available [4]) tell you how many extracts are provided.

All the extracts for one name are collected on one page, with a greenish background. The extracts are labeled with the name of the book they come from, and clicking on that link will show the same extract, this time together with all the other extracts from that book.

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If you are after maps, look in Other > Maps
For meaning of place names, look in Place > Meaning If you are going on safari, use the place index to see what has been written about the places you will visit.
The Date Index, gives a vertical time line to the extracts.