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2002 Feedback

Started by nTZ, 29 June, 2009, 11:38

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nTZ Feedback, 2002
Extract Author: Peter-Andreas Kamphausen
Extract Date: 1 Aug 2002
Modern Makonde Art


perhaps you are interested to put a link on the new web pages below.

Yours sincerely

Peter-Andreas Kamphausen

Hamburg Mawingu Collection

Modern Makonde Art

Carvings and paintings from East Africa

Seestr. 4, 22607 Hamburg / Germany




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nTZ Feedback, 2002
Extract Author: Holly Ingram
Extract Date: 24 Aug 2002
Tides of Kiriwira

I work for a wildlife production company called Tigress Productions, based in London. We are very interested in viewing a film called the Tides of Kiriwira, which I saw listed on your website. I was just wondering if you could advise me where I might be able to hire / buy a copy of this programme in the UK?

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards,



It's listed on my web site because I have my own copy of it, but unfortunately the label tells me no more about it, and I haven't yet done the necessary research.

However, a quick Google search - and I'm sure you've done one anyway - finds




Survival Anglia Production,1994(50 min.)

Producers and Photographers: Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone

Have you tried Survival/Anglia Films?

You will also have found that the East African Wildlife Society has copies for rent http://www.eawildlife.org/library.htm

But that probably doesn't help because they are in Kenya.

I'm off to Tanzania in a couple of hours, but if you need any more help, let me know after I get back on Sep 6th. As a last resort I suppose you could borrow my copy.

Best wishes

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nTZ Feedback, 2002
Extract Author: Steve G. Finegan
Extract Date: 7 Oct 2002
Ngare Nanyuki River

In the Serengeti National Park, did the short rains commence more or

less at the end of October, first of November in the year 2000, or were they

early or late that year. Thanks in advance. Steve

Steve G. Finegan

Creative Director, Writer, Producer

StoriedLearning Incorporated

Puzzled for why you are interested in year 2000 info.

At http://www.Ndutu.com/pages/weather.html you can find rain

information for Ndutu Safari lodge which is on the border of the

Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation area. Select October and you

will see that in 2000 they had 6.9mm and 2 wet days - much less than

Oct in 2001. Conversely, November was much wetter in 2000 than 2001.

The Ndutu newsletter for December 2000 records "The rains have arrived!

The first drops of rain finally fell in the middle of November. We had

a total of 89.5mm making it one of the best Novembers in terms of


Of course rainfall is very varied, and one place can be wet while

another remains dry. This September many places in Northern Tanzania

were subject to torrential rain, whilst Ndutu only had 4.6mm (on the


Please let me know if you are able to find rainfall information for

other places in the Serengeti.



ps must declare an interest - I maintain the Ndutu web site.


I'm writing a novel which is set, in part, near the Ngare Nanyuki River, south of the river and several miles east of Turner Springs in late Oct., early Nov. of 2000. It's kind of important for me to have a solid thundershower in this area about this time of year; if it's even plausible, I'll go with it. But I don't want readers saying, "Hey! I was there and that was a drought year!" Just striving for accuracy. Thanks for your help.
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nTZ Feedback, 2002
Extract Author: Martin Davis
Extract Date: 25 Nov 2002
Davis Family

My father's name is Mr Basil George Davis.

He worked for the British Colonial Service and was Senior Superintendent of Prisons in Moshi for 11 years and retired in 1961 when Tanganyika got independence.

He was instrumental in the Building of the road to the Ngorongoro Crater in the 1950's with the prisoners from Moshi Prison.

Dad died some 15 years ago, but the family visiting Tanzania in Feb 2000 and visited the Prison, our school in Arusha and the Crater.

Best regards,

Martin Davis
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nTZ Feedback, 2002
Extract Author: Bjorn-Erik Hanssen
Extract Date: 10 Dec 2002

Do you also list non-English books?

I'm a writer, having written the book in Norwegian from Mbulu, where I lived for two years. Title: Leopardmannen (The Leopard Man) It has been translated into English, however not been published (yet?) I also edit a homepage on African Music with adress: http://www.leopardmannen.no I'm updating the page these days also to include links to theatre,literature and travel, so you will be linked up.

best wishes,

Bjorn-Erik Hanssen
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nTZ Feedback, 2002
Extract Author: Martin Davis
Extract Date: 23 Dec 2002
Davis Family - Arusha School 1957

Dear David,

I have been speaking to my sister Joan, she say's she remembers a Bob and Margaret Young who lived just outside Moshi, she visited them with our father Basil Davis. Are these the same people you mentioned!!

Maybe Margaret will remember the following people that Joan can recall:

Gran and Kitty Whitworh he was a captain in the East African Rifles.

Bernard and Freda Wallace they had a farm between Moshi and Arusha.

Drino and Winnie Baskira (they were Italian) and Drink used to go to the Crater with my Father.

Joan was at Arusha School until 1957!! she remembers a boy called Stuart Webb??

Just some more info

Happy Christmas to you all!!

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nTZ Feedback, 2002
Extract Author: Michele Calorio
Extract Date: 31 Dec 2002
Michele Calorio - Arusha School 1961

Dear Sir

I've been in Arusha long time ago and went to Arusha school until 1961 and since I'm far from Africa from long time just would like to know if in some way it's possible to reach some of the people that had lived there or are still in Arusha town today.

I'm an Italian and many Italian people was there at that time but I had many other friend that would like to know if some are there.

Could you help me just to see where I can look for

sincerely Michele

Dear Michele

I am sorry to be so long in replying. I have been trying to do a little research to see if I can find anything that can help you, but so far no success. I presume that you have tried searching with Google also.

I have found one man who was there in 1966-71, but that is too late for you.


I also found a reference to someone who did a thesis on the history of the school.


But I know no more.

I myself was there between 1953 and 1957, and have a copy of Arusha School Magazine from 1956, which list the names of prize winners. But this might be just before your time.

I am visiting Tanzania, leaving tonight, and will be in Arusha for a few days, and will ask around to see if anyone knows of some kind of Arusha School society.

Do you look at the Arusha Times online http://www.arushatimes.co.tz/ . There was a letter published in it last June by someone looking for ex-classmates. Copy at http://www.ntz.info/gen/b00660.html#03478 . Maybe you could send them a letter.

If you find out anymore, which will be of interest to other people, do please let me know. Thank you.

Best wishes

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