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How do I? Add a link.

Started by nTZ, 14 April, 2010, 08:57

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When typing in your post, you may want to add an external link, maybe to your own website.

Simply type the complete URL (web address) either with or without the http:// bit. e.g.


Or you can use the special tags [ url ][ /url ] .  Insert them using the Blue Globe icon, second from left, bottom row above.  The tool tip when you hover over it says "Insert Hyperlink"  That will insert "[ url ][ /url ]" into the code.

[ url ]www.YOURURL.com[ /url ]

You can also have true hyperlinks using the [ url ] code. Just use the following format:

[ url=http://www.YOURURL.com ]the name of the website[ /url ]

Note: extra spaces have been added to the tags so that they display, rather than work.


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