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Looking for Emma Shitakha's contact details

Started by Naiomi Benn, 30 July, 2010, 08:25

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Naiomi Benn

I went to school with Emma Shitakha and Tracey Boyd-Carpenter and would like to get in touch with them both.

Naiomi Benn (nee Miller)


I am not from Arusha School but happened to be doing a search on the UN in Kosovo and to cut to the chase, Emma Shitakha's name came up as did your search for her. Her email is shitakha@un.org

Hope that old friends get back in touch!


Hello Naomi
My name is ruby Dass and was in school with Emma Shitakha and Tracy Boyd-Carpenter while Mr David Nettleback was the head master were you in class 5 in 1971/1972?