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West Kilimanjaro Country Club?

Started by Devin, 23 January, 2011, 18:22

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I've come across a reference to a 'West Kilimanjaro Country Club', but am not sure about it. Anyone able to tell me if such a place exists/existed, and its history? Of particular interest to me is a speech apparently made at this Club by Julius Nyerere addressing European farmers before Independence. Anyone able to throw any light on that too? Thanks.


West Kili Country Club certainly did exist, though I can't tell you about the speech made by Nyerere as I was only there in 65. The club was used mainly by the farming community, and we used to meet up there most weekends ofr a drink or a games of tennis.


I managed Poverty Gulch for a short time. It was a wheat farm on the north side of Kilimanjaro, owned by Kibo Coffee Estate. Early 1964 I attended a New Years Eve celebration at a local club must have been West Kilimanjaro. I remember vet Mike Innes. Gerald