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Arusha & Mbeya Schools 1955 - 1960

Started by June, 25 April, 2011, 22:28

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Had a wonderful afternoon today .... what fun ... traveling back in time .... seeing names that I had buried years ago, memories jogged ... do you remember Bryn Jones reading to us at night in the Junior dormintory? ... we used to beg him to say the longest town name in Wales.   BL died of a heart attack many years ago now - I did go and see Pat Jones in Wales - know Eira, Peta and Geoff are in the UK.   Hugh died around the same time as my brother Richard Ulyate in a drowning accident.   Back to Arusha school, my sister Brenda and I were in South.   Mrs Fisher gave Brenda the tackie the first night we were at school.   I too remember Princess Margaret's visit ... do you remember .... Melawina Diddum ?... she presented the flowers to her ... think she came from Sana Juu.   Eric Six ... gosh where are you?   From your mail I see that you are in contact with Geoff Jones.   I still have my mum and Dad (Ted and Kay Ulyate) (Kay Ulyate was the sister of Arusha School) living with me in the UK - they are 93 years old - it would be lovely for them to see Geoff, Eira and Peta.  What has happened to the Brokenshaw's?   June Ulyate


.... I ran out of space .... I too remember the earth quake which shifted our beds in the junior dorm into the middle of the room .... the porridge ... uggghhh!!! do you remember the lumps?   My stomach heaved as I tried to chew my way through ... used to get into soo much trouble .... Miss Gray was a teacher ... Dr Katie McPhillips was great friends of my mothers ..... small world Antonio Hampshire became my doctor in Howick South Africa - many years later.   I did try out for the choir ... but was kicked off - my voice is as flat as a pancake!   I used to go to ballet lessons with Mrs Soukus (spelling?) at the Greek Club.   
Onto Mbeya School ... I was there about 1959 / 1960 in Buxton.   I remember being in a Brer Rabbit play ... I played Brer Turkey Buzzard and spent the time trying not to giggle.   They made a banana fool pudding which I really adored - think that it was one of the more successful dishes.   I remember standing in a line on the field and the sports teacher  whipped the hockey stick down the line and I got hit really hard.   I have run out of space again!!!   June Ulyate


Jane Hardy .... Julia Neathe  (I also remember you from Mbulu before we went to school .. we parted and we met again in Mbeya) .... Mary Sharpe ... Wendy Sykes ... Lisa & Inga Larsen (infact Inga - do you remember being chased by the elephant in Mtu wa Mbu?) Colin Swynnerton ... David .. you too must have been at Arusha School with us ... June, Brenda and Donald Ulyate ... my brother Richard was 8 years younger then me.   So many more ... would love to make contact with anyone from our era

I have been having a look at our old farm in Essimingor courtsey Google Earth ... looks like it has gone back to bush .... anyone that knew the farm and been out there ... please let me know?  Kind regards, June