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Mbeya School

Started by Col Buckley, 21 August, 2011, 02:57

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Col Buckley

Hi . I have just discovered this website & spent the last hour or so reading about Mbeya School where I was from 1955-1958. MEMORIES!!!

I remember the dentist coming in a lorry and the foot operated drill. I remember the Easter hike we did. I remember the excitement when we got our suitcases out at the end of a 5 month term for the long bus trip back to Dar. I remember the excitement when you got a parcel from your parents on your birthday. I remember tryting to be first at the sports locker on Sundays to get the best of the equipment. I remember the cane!! I remember sick bay when I had mumps and the German nurse. I remember the inkwells and the compulsory letter we had to write to our parents every Saturday morning. I remember breakfast in the dining room where you had at least a few rotton boiled eggs in the pile of eggs for breakfast. I was in Burton (green?) and we had to line up in our house before we went in to eat.I remember sharing baths and putting on shoes and socks first after (something I still do) so as not to get verucas. I remember hyenas occasionally coming into the dorms. The River Gardens was a refuge and we made boats out of paper and wood and also dammed the water. So many memories. Thanks to you all for bringing them back. I now live in Sydney Australia.


My God the German nurse! remember that! and the tin mugs of quinine to ward off malaria--Mr Buckley I'm positive we knwe each other..our parents did,I'm sure..The River gardens is that where we went every Sunday morning...the sun always seemed to be shining......Burton,yes it was green

Doug Kidd

Sister L Von Gebhart,     aka :- VonGefart. We had a bunch of names for that frau. She hated everyone, one of my worst experiences was seeing her for a bloody nose I suffered in a boxing tournament. She was rougher on my face than the guy who hit me. After a year at Kongwa, we were reunited with the Sister at Iringa.

Rosemarie Anders

Well I recently found this entertaiing site - what wonderful memories!! I also remember Sister von Gepard "haf you done your big jobs today" was her warcry as I was in the sick bay for a while with hepatitis. I remember at lunch times sitting at the long tables with a teacher at the head and after we'd all eaten they'd bring out the cheddar cheese and a slice of bread and we all liked it when certain teachers would carefully divide the bread into 8 small pieces with a tiny bit of cheese for each of us, while otheres would sit and munch it all by them self with 8 pairs of hungrey eyes watching. I have 3 dogs who do that and I have to stop myself from giving in with tidbits so they don't get fat. The houses we had were Stanley (blue) Burton (green) and Livingstone (yellow) I guess they must have changed the names after I left in 1957. I remember the school motto  Levavi Oculos "I will lift up mine eyes ..............unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. Not sure that it ever did come when needed, but the thought was there!
Great to hear it all again.