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Kongwa School

Started by Hazel Miller, 17 September, 2011, 02:01

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Hazel Miller

To all who attended Kongwa school, just to let you know that Tony Edwards, a former pupil, has written a book about his schooldays there.  It's title is: The Slope of Kongwa Hill and it is available on Amazon.  You can also Google the title and read all about it there.  Kind regards to all.

Morag Cormack

Hello, Hazel and all who read this.  I have just finished the book Hazel recommends in her posting and enjoyed it very, very much.  I do hope multitudes read it.  I think it would make a good film, does anyone agree?  What a surprise to read an incident involving me!  P. 52.  Tony mis-spelled my maiden name, it didn't have the "Mc", so if any of you read the book and remember anything else about me I would love to hear from you.  (Even if it is not complimentary!!)  I was something of a swot, very skinny with pimples from about the age of nine, so miserable about myself but I do not know how I came across to others.  All the best, Morag Marinoni (yes, I married a handsome Italian, and I have a daughter and a son, and two grand-daughters.)