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Names I remember from Mbeya School 1951 to 1957

Started by Rosemarie Anders, 28 November, 2011, 04:23

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Rosemarie Anders

28 November, 2011, 04:23 Last Edit: 06 December, 2011, 04:32 by Rosemarie Anders
Well I've been reading all the memories posted on this site and i've been thinking about the people I knew there.
Thelma Cank
Margaret Gillett
Fiona Silcock
Willie Mier
Ruston Thompson
Veronica Rothbletz
Deanne Gilmore
Yvonne Gilmore
Ferdi Warwick
Nikki Popoff
Pat (with dog)
The Lagoblas sisters Titsa, Rita,
Veronika Little
Lesley Nichols
Anne Humphries ( who lives on a sheep farm in New Zealand)
Vivien Chapman
John Cain brother Billy ( I was very much enamoured of John who was my boyfriend)
Graham mountain + twin ? + sister
Miss White, Music teacher - banged my head against the wall in violin lessons
Miss Lamont
Mrs Charlotte Bonning
Mr. Wallington
Mr. Francis
Miss Brown, brownies and guides

I remember it was a sin to call the boys by their first names and vice versa. There was also Mr. McCreary who taught latin who had a little boy called Crispin who we cruelly called 'Dustbin'

I remember all too well the 2 canes in the sofa between the seat and back cushions and the first time I got the 'cuts' was my first or second day and there were peach trees along the main drive before they built the new hall and I climbed up and took a peach only to hear Wallington bellow out from his study "Anders come here" and he took me into his study and told me to feel for the canes and to choose one, either a whip or a stick. I thought the stick looked a little more civilised than the whip and chose that and got  couple of whacks with it which left a bruise. The next time I went for the cane (and there were several times) I chose the whip which stung for a while but healed up quicker. I remember the girls got the cane on the bare bottom but I think the boys got it through their shorts.

I think the cruelest thing was the anticipation where we had to line up outside his office after lunch so sometimes you had to wait from the afternoon the day before until the punishment was meted out.
Anyway after a couple of years I'd had enough of the canings and one time I didn't turn up for it. I saw Wallington riding around the hockey field on his bike and he rode up to me and asked why I hadn't turned up for the caning and I said I wasn't planning to ever turn up again and he said OK and that was that - can't think why I hadn't spoken up before.
Can you imagine that sort of treatment happening today?????

I remember the birthday parties at tea time and what a nice thing it was to be invited which must have been awkward for the birthday child as there were only 12 guests allowed. My birthday being in August was always in the holidays so I never had the pleasure of reciprocating invitations.

I remember Mrs Bonning reading to us at bed time and her friend Miss. Lamont. I heard a while ago that Miss Lamont later married Mrs. Bonnings brother and they live in New Zealand

I seem to have drawn a total blank about the play people are talking about but we went to England for 6 months home leave in about 1953 so maybe it was performed at that time.
I have attached some pictures - does anyone remember when Princess Margaret visited?

If anyone remembers me I'd love to catch up. I live in Australia now with my husband and we have 4 daughters and 7 grandchildren.

  Kwaheri - or as we say in Oz Hooroo!

Michael Murphy

   It was good to read about your Mbeya School memories.  What a great place it was.
   I was there from 1951 to 1953 or thereabouts, with resident house matrons of Miss Jamieson (Ma Jampot) and Mrs McBride (Ma McBee).
   I can think of a longer list of names.
   I do remember the 2 canes kept in the sofa between the seat and the back cushions, and was once very embarrassed when they popped out when we moved furniture around one Saturday evening story time !  Headmaster Wallington did have a whip and a stick, but we never got to choose.  The whip was much worse than the stick, and I can confirm that both girls and boys got it on the bare bottom, bending over the back of his armchair.
   I can remember one Gordon Egan also getting 'the cuts' for picking the peach tree !
   Do you remember Jane Kingdon ? 
   It would be very nice to hear from you.
Regards, Michael Murphy.


I believe I had the school record for the cuts, 13 times in one term shared by tootie frutie, Gilie used to reach in to his jacket for notepad and pen to give me a "minus" on sight! 4 minuses =1 stripe 1 stripe = 1 caning,all posted on the school notice board My father got to hear that my sister Carola was beaten on the bare bottom, my god you should have heard the noise, and Dad holding Wallington by the scruff!

Michael Murphy

Hello Isemonger - Is this William Isemonger or Dick Isemonger ?

I was at Mbeya School from 1951 to 1953, during which time Queen Elizabeth was crowned and we all got cups and pencils.

I remember William Isemonger took me to his father's farm one Mbeya half-term.  I remember it was isolated and out in lion country, and we thought we heard lions one night when we spending the night in an outside shed - we were absolutely terrified !   Memories of dairy farming, and turtles in their lake, and you were expected to sing songs for the family evening entertainment.

Interested that you, William, got the school record for the cuts - 13 times !  That means that you must have done better than Jane Kingdon who got at least that !   Brian Wilson got it a lot, too, especially when caught with a catapult.   It was thought that Mr Gillham, Gilliefish, used to watch it all happening, using binoculars from his sitting room window !

I do remember the school board recording good marks and bad marks, for work and for behaviour, and that 3 bad marks got you a caning, and that was recorded on the school board too, so everybody knew ! 

I do remember Tootie Fruitie - Tony Tutendahl was his real name, I think.

It would be good to hear from you all.

Michael Murphy.

Big Ben

Hi Rosemarie,
I enjoyed reading your post with all the names, many I remember.    I cannot remember you tho'.    My name is Gill (bennett) Kopy, and I was friends with Rachel Wenban-Smith and  Joan Brackfield .   I was in Livingston House.     A couple of my memories are:
The midnight feast on the train heading back to school
Being threatened with death by Miss White if I damaged her violin (the others were too small for me)
Spending Sundays with the Wrigleys so that I could have extra French lessons (he taught French and art)
Practising plays on the Crowder's lawn   Apparently the Crowders lived on Vancouver Island at some stage.
Fun Girl Guide get togethers in Mbeya
The Lagopolous sisters going around bed to bed hitting the occupant with a pillow
Dancing in the hall and starting a snowball dance with my then heart throb, Peter Bradley
The river garden
Climbing the trees down by the far hockey pitch.
Making the plain bread and butter into sandwiches with nasturtium leaves
Getting beaten by the teachers in a netball match, students vs teachers
Singing after bath time in the shoe room
Sister and the razor she used to remove those warts we used to get on our feet (can't remember what they're called)

and probably lots more !!