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Arusha School

Started by Karen Engel now Keats, 31 December, 2009, 07:56

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Karen Engel now Keats

You probably already know this but there is a site dedicated to Arusha School on
facebook with a lot of old photos. Can this site take photos? - am obviously new here. KK


Hi, you sure can, up to 4 at a time.
Mike Brown.


Now that I have found this forum, I feel as though I was at Arusha School just yesterday. In fact I attended in 1967 to 1969. My name is Mitash Patel. Reading the postings from Kirti and Bharat Jani, Riyaz Manji, Kirit and Deepak Patel, the good old days just sprung to life.

One of the post requested the name of the Horse Riding Instructor. I think it was Ms. Debbie Pope. Ms. Pope was the one who had taken us to see the Humpty, a white horse, that was purchased by the school after the sudden death of the horse Bahram.

Each Saturday we would talk to the city center and would load up on candies and Match Box cars that would later be used for racing along the dirt walkway to the swimming pool area. Some of us would wake up early in the morning and practice field hockey with Mr. Singh (Head of Maintenance).

The brotherhood was reflective when one of us would be detained and would have to miss dinner. Many a times we had put bread slices under our shirts for the detained friend/brother. We would meet in the bathroom after the lights were tuned off and feast. The fun would end  the night before we leave on the buses to Dar and Mbeya respectively for holidays. The pillow fight between the dorms would be on tap.

These were the good old days. Hope more alumni of Arusha School would join this wonderful social networking site.

Mitash Patel
(985) 634-8995


Yes I remember Mr Singh, got me in to trouble a couple of times. We used to go to the school when every one was on holiday and swim in the pool.
We did have permission from BL Jones, but he still reported us. I can remember him roaring around on the tractor
Mike Brown

Sarah Holland

I remember Mr Singh - a group of us build a 2 roomed tunnel down at the river - quite a sophisticated job considering - even shored up the ceiling however we eventually got caught and had to spend a Saturday filling it all in - there were only 2 girls in the group and mr Singh felt sorry for us and brought us some chocolate - can't remember if we shared it!!!!!


So you where part of the tunnel rats too. I not only had to fill mine in but also got banned from school on the week ends.
Mike Brown.

Phil Dawtrey

Yea i was in on this tunnel building thing as well. The details and people are a bit sketchy but i remember my gang had the password of 'carrot'. We had such fun.
I remember the incident that Sara Holland refers to and i think she new my brother Richard Dawtrey, I'm Philip


Re: tunnels by the river; my family lived at Spring Vale, which was a short way up the river from the school (past the prison).  The soil on the riverbank was very sandy and friable, which made it very easy to dig tunnels, and also unfortunately very easy to collapse...  On one occasion my brother John and I dug one which was luckily near the surface; it collapsed and I had a scary minute getting out.  There were lots of cape gooseberry bushes around there (physalis) which made for a pleasant afternoon otherwise.