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Half Term Breaks

Started by Des Bailey, 16 November, 2009, 09:35

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Des Bailey

16 November, 2009, 09:35 Last Edit: 04 January, 2010, 12:18 by Des Bailey
Half Term Breaks

Five Bailey siblings attended Arusha School as boarders
Shirley    1952 -  1956    and later as a matron 1963 - 1965.
Laurie     1954 - 1958
Richard   1958 - 1963
Desmond   1961 - 1965
Maureen   1963 - 1965

We lived on a farm at Oljoro just 12 miles outside of Arusha and therefore we were able to go home for the half term breaks. Over the years we took many pupils home with us for these breaks (those who lived too far away to go home). We certainly enjoyed the company and no doubt so did the friends.

The activities would have included swimming in the dam, fishing, shooting with a pellet gun, climbing Buffelkop (Oljoro - big hill adjacent to the farm) and general wandering around the farm.

Some of the school friends I remember who came out to the farm included:
Ricky Ghaui
Nickola Ghaui
Clive Boddy
Michael Perdikies
Harris Perdikies
Rudiger Vogs
Paulette de Scossa
Mitzie Cassarachis
George Punter
John Lately ?
Trevor Goodwin
Roy Fuller?
There were many others.

Des Bailey


Des will catch you on FB. Half terms my friends were Poppy ( whom i have just got in touch with ) Fay Jefferies & Linda Rowland. Whether having fun on the farm , visiting family or going on safari reckies..... hey they were fun days.


Stayed with a family called the Hubbards in Arusha and got bored to tears as they were not half stuck up, thought they were doing us a favour driving us to 'within sight' of Manyara (!) Much more fun when we stayed with friend Stan Fourie and had a go with his 2.2. at just about anything that moved!

Maureen M Carroll

Hello--55 years on I cannot believe that I have come across this website. In the intervening 55 years have never had contact with anyone who was at Arusha School, have often wondered if the school was still there--how god to know it is. In the last term of 1954, had a great half term at the Bailey's--invited there by Shirley who was either in the same dorm or the connected one. Still have a lovely letter Mrs Bailey sent me afterwards. Saw butter and cheese being made that weekend. At that time Anna De Beer who was Nellie's twin and who would have been 11 going on 12 was the Dorm "leader". And to think that the toirtoise is still there. They used to say it was nearly 200 years old when I was there as an 8/9 year old.