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Started by Lise Madden nee Kullander, 17 October, 2009, 22:15

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Lise Madden nee Kullander

Does anyone remember when they were making the film Hatari and the baby elephants were brought to the school playing field, also some of us were allowed to watch some of the filming, I remember watching the bit where the elephant goes into Narangan Singh's shop on the corner.
Was in Arusha recently, my how the town has grown!!

Elizabeth Palfrey Russell

My brother-in-law, Roy Holmes worked on the movie Hatari and his sister, Shirley Holmes married one of the production crew and she lives in Wisconsin.  There are pictures of the little elephant in the grocery store.

Elizabeth Palfrey Russell
Sugar Land, Texas

Maureen Bailey

Yes, I remember the filming of Hatari.  I was a little girl at the time and walked over (not as blase as it sounds) to John Wayne and Hardy Kruger and got their autographs - still have them till this day.  My folks took a lot of cini film of the goings on.  My Dad, Mum, brother Desmond got to stroke the cheetah.  Me - nah - was too scared. 


I was there and remember these small elephants running around and to put then back on the lorry a small elettro-shock lamps were used.  I recall Elsa Martinelli (beautiful actress) and talked to her (she's Italian like I am).
I think that some of us had a ride on the elephants.
Bye sandy


I remember watching the film either in town or in the hall. I also recall us seeing Hardy Kruger in town and the vehicle used at Dr Von Nagy's at Momella. But I don't recall the elephants at school - must've been before my time. I now have the DVD - v long and tedious - back then it was all terribly exciting. I note that John Wayne didn't even bother to change into a safri outfit, just wore the usual western outfit. They filmed at the New Safari of course which is where we went for Roberto Sossi's birthday party. (n.b. I may have all this twisted and hopelssly muddled).


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We had just moved to Arusha when that film was being made. I was still in school in Nairobi at the time and missed it.

Sarah Holland

I remember the elephants coming to the school - I especially joined the girl guides as they were going to be allowed to have a ride on them but sadly my ploy was seen through and I wasn't allowed to as I hadn't been a guide long enough- needless to say I left immediately!!! I also remember going to watch the filming - I think we stood near the New Arusha Hotel

Trevor Pienaar

Hello all,
Yes I remember the occasion. It was filmed  in 1961 and released in 1962. I have both a VHS and DVD copy of Hatari.
My Mum worked as the assistant to Ben Benbow  at the Safari House Hotel where the company stayed, so got to know a lot of the actors and crew. I have autographs from all the actors- Hardy Kruger, Elsa Martinelli, plus some others I cannot recall now. I have two autographed 8x10 pictures of my mum and John Wayne. I can still see all the Zebra painted Jeeps parked in the hotel carpark. I remember the visit to the school and being on the playing fields at the back of Junior School but no details.
My time at the school was great.
Trevor Pienaar 56-61