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Registering and Logging in

Started by nTZ, 17 July, 2009, 15:57

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17 July, 2009, 15:57 Last Edit: 17 July, 2009, 16:01 by nTZ
Questions we've been asked:

How do I register?

On the front page of the forum (http://www.ntz.info/wiki/) it should say:

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register.
Email:        Password:

Select the Register option.

Alternatively, this link should take you straight there http://www.ntz.info/wiki/register/

I am having trouble logging in however as the system tells me that my email address doesn't exist! Help?

If you try to login with your email address BEFORE you have registered, you get the misleading message That email address does not exist, which actually means that the email address you entered doesn't exist on the forum - because you haven't registered.

Please try selecting the register option, and see if that works for you.  After you have registered you will be able to login again using the boxes on the home page.

Note: You need to be registered and logged in to see any of the photos on the forum.  Hence you won't be able to see the screen shot of the login or register message until you succeed with the process.