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Standard 4 1972?

Started by Val, 04 June, 2014, 16:59

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04 June, 2014, 16:59 Last Edit: 07 June, 2014, 20:46 by Val
Hello Everyone - My name is Valerie Ferro (if anyone remembers me). I accidentally came across this site the other day and read everything with great interest and excitement. I wracked my brain trying to remember anyone's name, quizzed my parents and even sent them the picture from another post from 1971 - to no avail. Then my mother found this picture and I remembered my Dad had given me an envelope with old certificates. To my absolute joy, I discovered my old school reports. I think the picture maybe from 1972 Standard 4. I'm the smallest one in the front row (second from the end). The first girl, front row, is called Cathy (father owned the printing place?). The first two girls at the back are twins from Holland (one called Gertrude?, I think their mother did arty jewellry stuff). The chinese lad in the middle once showed us how to use chopsticks with two pencils and a piece of chalk. The african lad in the back row got stung by a wasp near his eye. Teacher Mr Wilhoft? From the reports, I was at Arusha School from 1969-1972.

I will try to put together info from the reports regarding teachers' names/dates if it helps with memories. And I also have some photographs of a pantomime that was put on at the town theatre (Snow White) - some of you may have been in that - I think two of the Shitakha sisters are in that - following on a post in another topic.

Emma Shitakha

Hi Val, my name is Emma Shitakha, good photo!!  My sister is Maggie. We both live in the US - me in New York. Would love to hear from you. Best Emma

Emma Shitakha


Emma Shitakha

I am third from the left, front row!


16 October, 2018, 01:30 #4 Last Edit: 16 October, 2018, 01:44 by Val
I've managed to get back on here - I wasn't able to before, so I sent you a message via LinkedIn. I've also found the panto picture and will post it on here later on in the week when I get some time. Was that Mrs Nettelbeck in the picture - I remember her as having short hair - not the glasses though?

Emma Shitakha

I think it was Mrs Bradley.


Is anyone still active on this forum?