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Arusha school Graffiti

Started by mikewb, 16 August, 2009, 07:51

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Arusha school out side walk wayfrom the boys block, which went round  to the Girls Block and by the path, that went down to the swimming pool, was a very large tree. Don't know about you but, every one carved their name into that tree. I wonder if it's still there?
Mike Brown.


There was a large adventitous tree over beyond the Girls Block, do you mean that? Thanks to the curved walkway you mention, we used to roller skate all the way from the detached classroom block (over on the river side), through Senior and across to either the Staff Room or Girls Blk.

One term, the whole area down towards the cricket nets (the sloping ground under the trees) was excavated by enthusiastic EA Safari enthusiasts into a vast automotive circuit; it then had to be restored, for safety reasons no doubt.

Sarah Holland

I remember the safari rally - we spent a lot of time setting it up had lots of fun - such a great school