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2005 Feedback

Started by nTZ, 29 June, 2009, 11:31

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nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Emil Karafiat
Page Number: 2005 01
Extract Date: 1959
Dieter Czurn's Info on the Trappes and Emil Karafiat

Dear whoever!!!

I have just found some info on the Trappes / Czurns / and Emil Karafiat / and the Arusha School Alumni of up to 1958. Is there anything on the alumni of 1959ff?

I am Emil Karafiat and would like to get in touch with former pupils of Arusha School as well as with the Czurns. Unfortunately, there is no link on that particular website. Incidentally, I have founded an NGO based in Switzerland, which helps build schools in Northern Tanzania. So far we have built a primary School, a water pipeline of 1.6 km to the school and are currently completing a secondary school in the area. A high school will follow. Our project is currently financed by donors in Switzerland and, we hope, will also be joined by other countries in Europe and the US.

With best wishes Emil Karafiat

Thanks for the email. By bcc I am copying Dieter Czurn, so perhaps he will get in touch with you.

So far I have made it a policy not to put email addresses on the web site, not so much to preserve privacy, but more to avoid providing address for spammers.

I think that all the Arusha School Alumni from the 1958-9 time who have been in touch with me are included on the web site.

If you have time it would be interesting to hear more about the school(s) you are involved with, and from the past any more you can add for the web site about your time at the school.

Thank you so much for enabling Dieter Czurn and myself to get in touch. You are doing a wonderful job. I am most impressed with your website ntz. I shall supply you with information on my work in due course. You might throw a quick glance at our website www.Kisimiri.ch. We have a German and an English version. You may publicize the link if you think it is suitable. Unfortunately, I must admit, it could do with an update. Cheers Emil
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nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Rodney Holland
Page Number: 2005 01 06
Extract Date: 1952-1955
Rodney Holland - Arusha School - 1952-1955

Hi there. I have just spent sometime browsing through the Arusha School site and found a lot of interesting information and it has brought back a lot of memories of the time I was at Arusha between 1952 and 1955.

Prior to Arusha I had been to Lushoto School and after Arusha I went to Kongwa .

I remember being sent to Oldeani during my first year as Arusha was full. I was not too happy about that.I was very fortunate in having the chance to climb Mt. Meru twice and I still have vivid memories of those experiences.We lived in Tanga where my father was employed by TANESCO.

I intend to visit Arusha and Tanga this year (2005) and would like some advice on how to get to Tanga my plan is to try to hire a vehicle with a reliable driver in Arusha to take us to Tanga for a couple of days and then return to Arusha would you or anyone else know if this would be be possible if so any contacts in Arusha .I have not been back to Tanga since 1961 .

It's a great site thankyou for it .



Thanks for your email, and kind comments about the site.

We must have overlapped at Arusha school - I was there from 1953-57.

Looking at the school magazine from Feb 56, I see that you were one of the Chorus of Soldiers in the performance of the Charcoal Burner's Son on 1st April 1955!

And you may have seen your name on the board - still hanging in the school


I've recently been given a copy of a history of Arusha School, written in 1974. I should have full extracts from it available in a few days - or whenever I can find the time to do an update of the site. Meanwhile you can access a full pdf version here

http://www.ntz.info/docs/history_of_arusha_school.pdf (360KB)

You will find in it mention of the ill fated attempt to run a branch of the school at Oldeani. (p33)

"An interesting slant on the personality of Hamshere and the difficulties of adequately providing for the growing enrolments comes from the opening of a branch school 100 miles away at Oldeani in 1950. A teacher, Ryan, and his wife offered to run it because they found the prospect of having responsibility and being 100 miles remote from supervision attractive. When the Ryans were due to go on leave in 1952, a new master, Edmonson, and his wife arrived to relieve them. However Ryan considered them unsuitable to take over the "personal empire" he had built up, so he refused to hand over, locked the buildings and left for Arusha. Hamshere was not able to resolve the crisis: the Ryans went on leave, the Edmonsons resigned, and the branch school never reopened."

Now, Tanga.

I spent a few weeks there in 1957 waiting for the boat to take us home to England, and, like you, have not been back since. If you are inclined to beaches, consider a few days down the coast at Pangani. I know the people who run http://www.emayanilodge.com/ . Depending on hotels in Tanga, it may be worth basing yourself here, and taking a day trip to Tanga. Are you interested in WWI, and the battle of Tanga etc. If so, it would be worth trying to find a guide who knows a bit about it and can help you find things. I'd need to ask about to track one down.

There is certainly one Tanzanian guide/driver based in Moshi, with car, who I can totally recommend - but I need to find his contact details. So let me know when are you planning to visit, and what else you have planned for Arusha or beyond. Ie do you just need a driver for a Tanga extension, or for a longer safari? Depending on the answers, I can then put you in touch with some people.

Note that I'm not a travel agent! Apart from looking after ntz.info, I maintain several websites for African Safari companies, many in Tanzania, and use that as an excuse to visit whenever possible.

Thankyou for your quick reply to my email.I remember being in the choir at school and enjoying it infact at one time I had dreams of grandeur of being a pop star but never made it.

Now our proposed visit to Tanzania there will be 4 of us going and we are proposing to go in August at this stage we havent made a definite plan as we are gathering info.However a proposal is that we would need a vehicle and driver to take us from Arusha to Tanga which I assume would take a day then we would stay in either Tanga or Pangani for 5 days then return to Arusha.We would like to have the vehicle and driver available for this period of 7 days but it would depend on costs.Your idea of visiting Pangani sounds good.After the first week we are considering visiting the game reserves around Arusha.Sorry I cant be more detailed at this stage but I really need to find out if the above is practical and within our budget. Looking forward to hearing from and thanks for your help.
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nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Margaret Thompson
Page Number: 2005 01 10
Ray R. Ulyate

I think I read somewhere in the notes on Ray R. Ulyate, my Grandfather, that the Name of Kenyon was not known. This was the Name of my Uncle "Ken" who had a farm on the slope of Kilimanjaro, just West of Sanya Juu. Ken had been one of Ray's right hand men on his safaris, but after the war went farming. He bred Frisian cattle.

Most interested in this site as I was looking for information for my own purposes

Margaret Thompson

Eldest daughter of Thora Barratt (nee Ulyate)

and Oswald H. Barratt.
Extract ID: 4978

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    * Federick Allen

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Simon Hales
Page Number: 2005 01 28
Extract Date: 1948
Seeking information about Allen family

I was wondering if any family members you quote, remember any Allen's who bought a farm in Tanganyika during the late 1948 onwards.

I realise that Tanganyika is a very large area, but its an enquirey in the off chance someone remembers their name.

There was Frederick Allen, his wife Gladys Allen and sons Tony and Maurice as well as her dtr Gladys as well.

Any info would be great but I realise the chances are slim.

I am trying to compile a family tree.

Many thanks

Simon Hales


I don't think I can add any more information to that which is already on the web site, so I'll add your email to the feedback section, and see if anyone responds.
Extract ID: 4973

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nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Russ Bowker-Douglass
Page Number: 2005 01 28
Extract Date: 1949-1954
Russ Bowker-Douglass - Arusha School 1949-54

Great news being told of your web site. I was at Arusha school from 1949-1954 when I was enrolled at Kongwa until I left school in 1957.

My father, Russell Bowker-Douglass started Tanganyika Tours & Safaris from Arusha and went on to build and own Lake Manyara Hotel until he was nationalized like every one else by the Nyerere government.

I went on to be involved in aviation until I retired at the end of 1999 when I was a "Jumbo" captain and instructor pilot for a major airline and 25,000hrs flying experience!

As you can see from my address, I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Its where the expression, "Godzone" came into being!! I have the good fortune to be surrounded by not only ex-Arusha School but ex-Kongwa-ites too. To name but a few, Peter Taverner, Denton Webster and Nigel Borrissow.

Numerous ex-Kenyans live near me too, Thadie and Lavinia(nee Allan) Ryan, Dave Power, Peggy Tisdall, John & Robin Channer and Dennis & Anne Bower to name but few. The local Ex Kenya Regiments meetings from this area often fronts up over 100 at curry do's.

I would like you to publish what you can of this letter in the hope I may get in touch with friends from long ago.

Best regards, Rusty

Russ Bowker-Douglass

Great to hear from you. I'll put your email on the web site and we'll see who pops up to get in touch.

Do please write with more memories (and maybe you can dig out some pictures), they are always welcome for the web site.

Did you see the "history of Arusha School"
Extract ID: 4974

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    * Michael McPhillips

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Michael Mcphillips
Page Number: 2005 02 03
Extract Date: 1963
We used to live in Arusha

I am travelling to Arusha in April, and was thrilled to see the photograph you guys. I was very friendly with the Trappe (In particular Rolf ) from Soni and Ratcliffe. In Fact we shared a room in Lower sixth in Ratcliffe.

I would love to make contact with either Richard or Rolf especially if they are in Arusha.

I remember Rolf talking about a water pistol that he was given by John Wayne and something about John Wayne shooting an elephant when making Hatari Do you know anything about these events.

I think Richard might have had a few scenes in Sammy Going South is this correct?

We used to live in Arusha and moved to Tanga @ 1963

a great site

Michael McPhillips

Thanks for your email. I'm going to copy it to Dieter because I think he may have email addresses for the Trappes.

I'll also put your email on the website, and maybe that will cause more memories to be invoked.
Extract ID: 4981

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nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Kirti Jani
Page Number: 2005 02 04
Extract Date: 1966 - 1970
Kirti Jani - Arusha School 1966 - 1970

To whom it may concern,

Please help me find Richard and Peter Hatter from Arusha School during the years 1966-1970 if you have any means of accessing their addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail.

I was reading Richard's letter and acknowledge his memories which are similar to mine from about the same years in school. I left Arusha school in December of 1970. If I remember right, I was at Arusha from either 1966 or 1967.

My name is Kirti Jani and was at Arusha during the Jones/Nettlebeck era. I remember quite a few things at the school that I was a participant of. I was in Horseback Riding School,Swimming Classes with ALL THE PLATES COLLECTED FROM THE UNDERWATER SWIM TEST, Soccer, Field Hockey, Rugby, High Jump, Long Jump, Dorm Leader, one of the THREE KINGS IN THE NATIVITY PLAY, The Principal's Best of Three spanks in his office ( I REMEMBER I HAD MASTERED THE SPANKING AND WAS ALWAYS READY TO BE RE-DISCIPLINED), The rider of the football field tortoise, to mention a few of the things I cherrished.

Some of the students I remember are:

Danuta Sheliga, Colleen Hoffman, Ian and Alan Alister (I think the spelling might be incorrect) from Van Couver, Canada; Said Ali, Mohammed Ali, I think it was Ian Fernandes, Lorenzo Trevizani from Italy; Possibly Kirit Patel. I don't recall Richard Hatter, but he may recall me since he was a horseback rider and knew Danuta, the girl with the braces on her teeth.

The Teachers I remember are Mr. Stones for sure, but I forgot the Riding school teacher.

Sorry I can't remember all the folks at Arusha Primary School, but every little bit helps.

My younger brother Bharat Jani was also attending Arusha if anybody can remember him.

Anyway, I am now in USA and am hopeful and thankful to this wonderful highway to bringing back the past and am excited to hear from those who remember me or re-collect the times during the years 1966-1970.

Love Always! Kirti
Extract ID: 4983

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nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Michael McPhillips
Page Number: 2005 02 04
to Sarah Burnett

I am Michael McPhillips and have come across your message

Nine Kids . My Father was the Resident Magistrate and my mother a doctor. Both parents are deceased as are two of my sisters

Declan (Brother) was in Arusha school. Nick and Bizzy Cashin were our neighbours and lived overlooking the rugby field.

We (my family) are heading to Arusha in April.

I remember the grocer and how we were able to put our sweets on the account,!!

I've blind copied this to Sarah, and perhaps she will be in touch with you for a few more reminiscences.

Do consider sending an email after you visit in April, I'm sure there will be many interested in any account you have of the changes you observe.

I may also be in Arusha in April - maybe we'll bump into each other somewhere.
Extract ID: 4985

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    * Jayne Ferrier
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nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Jayne Ferrier
Page Number: 2005 02 06
Extract Date: 7-8-1950
names of ships

My polish family were in ifunda Tengeru, they left there 7-8-1950 from dar es salaam to sail to the uk, no.t281,

is there a list of ships that left at that time, or any information on the names of people that were in the camps.



I'm sorry, but I have no immediate information which might help you.

I'll put your email on the web site, and maybe there will be a response from someone who can help.

Maybe the researchers behind the General Langfitt story http://www.immi.gov.au/research/publications/langfitt/

May be able to help, but I have no more idea about how to contact them

Good luck in your enquiries, and if you find any information which may be of interest to other, please do pass it on for publication on the web site.
Extract ID: 4984

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    * Alkarim Abdulla
    * Arusha School Alumni

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Alkarim Abdulla
Page Number: 2005 02 13
Extract Date: 1973-75
Alkarim Abdulla -Arusha School 1973-75

former student Alkarim abdulla

living in toronto

was there from 73- 75
Extract ID: 4986

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    * Alan McFarland

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Alan McFarland
Page Number: 2005 02 14
Extract Date: 1935 - 1943
Alan McFarland - Arusha School 1935 - 43

I went to Arusha from 1935 to 1943. Mrs Goode was the Matron and I remember her very well. I was only 5 years old. I can still taste the tablespoon of liquid quinine received from her every night - and feel the red hairbrush that delivered some well deserved whacks! We loved her dearly.

I have a few photographs of pupils from that era. I would like to see the photographs that Helen Goode has of her maternal grandmother.

Alan McFarland.
Extract ID: 4987

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nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Christa von Mutius
Page Number: 2005 02 14
Extract Date: 1950's
Christa von Mutius - Arusha School - 1950's

Sanya Juu

My mother and step-father (Bill and Nana Seitz) farmed not far from the Ulyate family and my two brothers (Bertie von Mutius and Barry von Mutius - both now deceased) and I went to school at Kongwa (I think) with some of them. Certainly I was friendly with Valerie Ulyate.

Our farm was called Molomo. Before his death Bertie ran a safari business from Momella, a beautiful lodge not far from Usa River and with wonderful views of both Meru and Kilimanjaro. I also attended Arusha school and knew the New Arusha Hotel very well.

Great to read about those wonderful places! What a privilege it was to have grown up there!

Christa Bond (nee von Mutius)
Extract ID: 4988

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    * Aidan Hartley

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Christa Bond (nee von Mutius)
Page Number: 2005 02 14
Extract Date: 2005 02 14
best book

The best book I've read for a long time about E. Africa is The Zanzibar Chest by Aidan Hartley.

christa bond

Thanks for this. I've skimmed through the book at a friends house, and have been meaning to buy it, but haven't added it "unseen" to the book list because I wasn't sure how much it came with the remit of Northern Tanzania.

I'll take another look.
Extract ID: 4989

external link

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    * Rolf Ackermann
    * Margarethe Trappe

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Rolf Ackermann
Page Number: 2005 02 19
Extract Date: Feb 2005
Die weiße Jägerin

Thanks for your perfect Website which gave me a lot of good information about Tanzania. May I put your and your readers attention on the book


by Rolf Ackermann

Droemer-Knaur Verlag (Germany)

ISBN 3-426-19681-6

(see www.Droemer-Knaur.de)

Published in Febr. 2005

It's the biographical Story of the legendary German Huntress Margarete Trappe, who came to Eastafrica in 1907 and built up the later well known Momella Lodge (Mount Meru), which became famous with the movie "Hatari" with John Wayne and Hardy Krüger. This book covers the history of East Africa with a lot of information about "Mama " Jeyo" Trappe", about Zanzibar and the german Colony Deutsch-Ostafrika.

Rolf Ackermann

from www.Droemer-Knaur.de (follow the link)

Die weiße Jägerin

Als die Briefe ihres Bruders aus Afrika eintreffen, beginnt die junge Margarete davon zu träumen, ebenfalls dorthin zu gehen. 1907 bricht sie gemeinsam mit ihrem Mann Ulrich nach Deutsch-Ostafrika auf. Am Fuße des Kilimandscharo weiß sie sofort: Hier ist ihre Heimat.Margarete und Ulrich bauen eine Farm auf, die zu einem Paradies für sie und ihre Kinder wird. Doch im Gegensatz zu Margarete kann ihr Mann Afrika nur wenig abgewinnen. Verständnislos bleibt er zurück, wenn sie wochenlang durch die Savanne und den Busch reitet, auf der Jagd nach Löwen und Elefanten. Margarete gewinnt schnell das Vertrauen der schwarzen Einheimischen, die die weiße Jägerin unendlich bewundern. Je mehr sich das Ehepaar voneinander entfremdet, desto stärker wird Margaretes Liebe zu Anthimos, der ihre Leidenschaft für Afrika teilt. Beim Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkriegs will er mit ihr Afrika verlassen. Doch Margaretes Herz hängt an diesem Land und an ihrer Farm ...
Extract ID: 4990

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    * Kidugala
    * Tengeru

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Diane Winkler
Page Number: 2005 02 23
Extract Date: 1940's
Researching Kidugala

I am researching for a book I plan to write about those Polish nationals who were deported by Stalin in 1939 and after a long odyssey finally shipped to East Africa and lived in the fugitive camp of Kidugala in Tanzania. I myself stayed in Kidugala from 1972 to 1974 as a child and saw the Polish graves on the cemetery. I am very interested in first hand reports and above all any pictures. I am aware of the existence of The General Longfitt Story and have read it. It would be wonderful if I could get into contact with the authors. So far I haven't been lucky with this.

Can you help?

I am a historian but also personally involved and very, very keen to write about these people.

Not sure how to help really. I presume that you followed the links on the General Langfitt back to the Australian Immigration web site. Have you tried emailing any contact names there for more information.

Look carefully at the various links on the Tengeru page, and some may take you to other sites with more information on the various Polish camps in Africa.

I guess you are interested in Kidugala because you stayed there - in much the same way as I remember visiting Tengeru as a child, although totally unaware of its background. However the Polish story seems a lot more complex than just these individual camps.

If I come across anything else I'll let you know. I'll include your email on the website, and that might invoke some memories, and do please let me know if you come across anything related to Tengeru etc.
Extract ID: 5041

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    * Patrick Hemingway
    * Emil Karafiat

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Emil Karafiat (junior)
Page Number: 2005 02 23
Extract Date: 1950's
Researching Emile Karafiat

I was most excited to come across this website for one particular reason. My father, Emile Karafiat, was a Swiss Professional Hunter in Tanzania in the 1950s and early 60s. He died in 1964 at the age of 51. I was only 12 years old at the time. Meanwhile I have tried to find out as much as I possibly can about my dad.

In his little Safari Report booklet, in which he listed all his safaris, I came across a little handwritten entry, about 1961, with the name Pat Hemingway. Of course I am most curious to know whether Pat might remember my father in any way. My father was already very ill at the time.

Could you possibly pass this message on to Pat, requesting him to provide me with a feedback, or could you supply me with his address so that I might contact him? My sole motive is to try and fit together the pieces of a puzzle that might enable me to learn more about my father.

Many thanks in advance for your help. Emil Karafiat (junior)

I don't have any direct knowledge of Pat Hemingway, but I'll put your email on the web site, and maybe someone will come forward.
Extract ID: 5042

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    * Michael McPhillips

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: JnMcphl
Page Number: 2005 02 28
Searching Jeremy Wright

Declan McPhillips is my dad and wants to know about Jeremy Wright. Declan is michaels younger brother
Extract ID: 4993

external link

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    * Sir Charles Ross

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Jeff Ross
Page Number: 2005 03 05
Extract Date: 2005 03 05
Sir Charles Ross is not an Englishman

I am writing to let you know that Sir Charles Ross is not an Englishman as stated on this page of your site (http://www.ntz.info/gen/n00536.html#03811). He is Scottish and a descendant of the Scottish Ross line and the Rosses of Balnagown. Please correct the information on your site. If you would like more information about him, please see this link [click on 'link' in margin] or do a Google search for Sir Charles Ross Balnagowan.

Thank you,

Keeping you in touch with your Clan,

Jeff Ross,

Extract ID: 4992

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    * KNCU
    * N Pandya

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Nachi Pandya
Page Number: 2005 03 29
Searching Mr N Pandya

I write to inquire if KNCU ( Mr Kimaro or any one left at the KNCU) have any memorabilia on my father whose name was Mr N Pandya and to his friends he was known as Mzee Pandya.

I would like to have some contact with these esteemed members who could say some word re Dad
Extract ID: 5037

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    * Bob Foster
    * Sydney Waller

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Tom Lawrence
Page Number: 2005 04 03
Extract Date: 1940's
Feedback on Sydney Waller

Not too sure how one can give information back on queries raised by Linda Costa

My father was a professional hunter in his latter years, but knew Sydney Waller well in Voi (Kenya) when he was one of the early Game Wardens in Tsavo National Park. At that time Sydney was living out his last years as an old man. He was nicknamed "The Ground Hornbill" as he would walk along in a similar pose, muttering under his breath, which sounded remarkably like the birds when they wander through the bush calling to each other. He was also part of those who used to frequent the Voi Hotel as their local watering hole. He died in the early 1950s (I have the exact date at home) from malaria. As far as I know he was bachelor by then.

Bob Foster, another famous hunter was also in the area at the time, and between them they would take Sydney's annual elephant licence and shoot the elephant for him. He would the supervise the extraction of the tusks which would in turn be sold and keep Sydney in money for the next year or so.

Can give you more information about him but more from a hunting perspective, although as far as I can remember, I know nothing about him being linked with Rhodesian Ridgebacks, but would assume he would have used them for.

Hope this is of some help, and please let me know if you want more info.
Extract ID: 5040

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    * Arusha School Alumni
    * Mrs Fischer
    * Torsten Möller
    * Peter Woodrow

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Peter Woodrow
Page Number: 2005 04 03
Extract Date: 1952-4
Peter Woodrow - Arusha School 1952-4

Just discovered this site by chance!

I was at Arusha 1952-4 after a spell at the Junior European School in Burton St, Dar. We arrived in Dar late 1949/ early 1950 from Nigeria and Cameroon and my father was Director of the PWD until early 1963.

My most recent visit to the school, and to the fascinating son of Mrs Fischer, David Read was in 2002 . As others have recorded, both the old " Conquered Meru" boards and the long suffering tortoise are still there, as is that large picture of the Rift Valley mountains which presided over the smell of boiled vegetables and old soup in the dining hall.

The piano, around such unlikely songs as " A north country maid" from northern England were dinned ( the right word I think) into the young East Africans, also survives ,but is mechanically imperfect/wrecked. The school could do with the attention of a band of painters and carpenters to restore it to its former state, but the inmates , in their bottle green kit, look much as we did.

Memories of the place, the " safaris" to and from it, ( remember one of the Stewart girls falling out of the train and being lost for a day or two circa 1957?) and the teachers are still very vivid, as is the love of that de Beer lady, (matron in the Junior Block) for wielding the the taki. The staff were certainly mixed,- some very kind, and others, well, less so. Mrs Fischer had, beneath that very dominant exterior, a heart of gold.

Interesting to see Torsten Mollers contribution, - I knew his sister Nina and brother Mike well and we just happened to meet getting off a plane in Copenhagen around 1982.

An idea might be to compile a chronological list of alumni from all the correspendents memories with their dates and last known sightings so that we could try to track down a few more of them?
Extract ID: 5039

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    * (Major) John Jolly
    * Nick Jolly
    * Lake Rukwa
    * Col. Middleton
    * Sao Hill School
    * Tanganyika Roadways
    * Bert Western

nTZ Feedback, 2005
Extract Author: Nick Jolly
Page Number: 2005 04 04
Extract Date: 1947-1951
Sao Hill School

Very Interested to find your site whilst trying to locate information on the School I attended in the Southern Highlands near Iringa from 1947-1951. My father (Major) John Jolly had left the army after the war and obtained a job with the Government sponsored Ground nut scheme. We were first based at Mohambiqua (? Spelling) then Chunya , Arusha (living in the Arusha Hotel which was run by the Benbow family who later moved to run a Hotel on Zanzibar and finally in Tanga. When the ground nuts failed to grow quite as was expected of them, my father ,an engineer transferred to a new haulage company called Tanganyika Roadways.

I have many happy memories of this period of my life (jiggers and all!) and particularly remember, whilst living in the old goldmining town of Chunya ,going to a crocodile farm run by a Frenchman on Lake Rukwa which is mentioned on your site. In the dry season the tributaries dried up leaving pools in which the crocs. Gathered. These were located by Africans in dugouts using spears with string and cork float attached. When a croc came near to the bank a group of extremely brave Africans (as I saw it aged 8) entered the water and, having located the blunt end of the creature (the tail) under water dragged it out by its tail and dispatched it with shortened pickaxes. As I remember this gruesome carnage was accompanied by much singing and merriment. The banks were littered with crocodile skeletons picked clean by the ever present vultures.

I have always felt that I was incredibly fortunate to live as a child in Africa and would welcome any advice on locating information/contact with others who attended Sao Hill School

You mention your father joined Tanganyika Roadways. Do you have any more information about the company. There is a road in Arusha called Col. Middleton road, and someone suggested that he was associated with/in charge of a company called something like Tanganyika Roadways - set up to provide transport to farmers to get their crops to the railways for export etc.

I'm off to Tanzania at the weekend - I'll try to do a site update before I go, but if not it will be the end of the month before I can do it.

From memory my school was called the Southern Highlands School, Sao Hill near Iringa. The headmaster was Geoffrey Holland and Deputy was Lycett who had played cricket pre war for England. I recall with some pride that my record was seven beatings in one term.

My father worked with a Bert Western though I will check his address book to be sure. From my memory he was the senior but whether he was the MD or owner I am not sure. When my father died in 1990 I found Bert's telephone number and rang him, he was living I believe in Surrey but doubtful he will still be alive, but I believe he had children.

Tanganyika Roadways, with vehicles painted deep blue with yellow lettering ranged from Matadors with circular gun apperture in the cab roof to the mighty Diamond Tee Clippers that had been used to carry Tanks. All were ex-WD and were brought in from landing craft near Lindi beach for the Ground Nut Scheme.

When that folded Tanganyika Roadways bought the plant to set up business. My father was in charge of the jungle clearing plant and had hair raising tales of what went on. Health and Safety was in it's infancy.

Have a good trip, I am envious. I joined the Merchant Navy to try to get back! I still remember the aromas when, in the rainy season (it rained at night in my memory!) I woke up with the hot sun beginning to dry the vegetation.
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Charles Didham. Arusha School 1958-1960

My parents Major Richard and Lallie Didham had a farm in Sanya Juu from 1951 until 1961. We were neighbors to Bill and Nana Seitz, The Barratts and The Goodmans, I remember the children well. We used to get together on special occasions like birthdays and have huge parties. One time at our house a match found its way into the box of fireworks, what followed was like W.W. 3 for about thirty seconds!

I also went to Arusha School from 1958 until 1960. Interestingly enough I went back there in January this year to show my wife and children where I was raised. It was a very nostalgic trip. I met David Read for lunch one day and we reminisced about the old days but also were enthusiastic about the future. I would like to reestablish contact with anyone who in interested.

Charles Didham
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Been 2 years since I checked out the website.

Interesting to see 2 new names I recall well KIRTI Jani I recall very well, and I want to contact him please.

Secondly Dipak Patel.

I also came across an Old Arushan Greg Dogan who was there a few years after I had left but amazingly we work for the same company...and met up in Dalian China recently and discovered we both went to Arusha.

Please CAN YOU PASS MY DETAILS ON TO Kirti and Dipak and the attached recent picture.

PS I have loads of movie film of the school nativity play, with BL Jones the tortoise etc.My dad took it on an old cine-camera and I have managed to save it and put it on VCD
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Fenella Pringle

Hi Nicholas Jolly

I remember you well from SHS. My sister, Fiona, and I, Fenella, Abernethy were both there. We went to the school from the second term it started. Still have lots of memories.

Hi also to Michael and Declan MacPhillips.  You won't remember us.  Too young!  Our parents, James and Winifred Abernethy, were very good friends of Katie and Jimmy.  i well remember your house in Dar and a bedroom full of bunkbeds and Declan's cot.  One time we went to meet your family arriving by ship. The girls were all dressed in the same material - easily identifiable.  We also visited you once on leave in UK - Fiona, I think, got measles then.