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2003 Feedback

Started by nTZ, 29 June, 2009, 11:36

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    * Jane Holton

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Date: 1957-63
Jane Holton - Arusha School 1957-63

Jane Holton... has sent... a full school photo - don't know where she got it from

sent to the web site by Sarah Mascall (nee Holland)

Extract ID: 4635

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    * Anthony Steel

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Johnell Patrick
Page Number: 2003 01 26
Extract Date: 26 Jan 2003
Johnell Patrick - videos

Dear Sir or Madam,

Could you please advice me where I can obtain the I following 2 video's:

1951 - Where No Vultures Fly - Starring Anthony Steel

1954 - West of Zanzibar -

Your urgent reply would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Johnell Patrick

I wish I could help, but so far I've had no luck finding these. I'm always on the lookout for Where no Vultures fly, having seen it as a boy. I think it's been shown on UK TV, but I haven't even managed to record it.

If you find copies, do let me know.
Extract ID: 4119

external link

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    * Tengeru

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Stefan Wisniowski
Page Number: 2003 01 28
Extract Date: 2003
Stefan Wisniowski -Tengeru

thank you - great information.

Of course, the term "Polish Internees" is not correct, as it suggests arrest or confinement (internment). It should be "Polish refugees", as these were families displaced by the Soviet invasion of Poland in WW2.

Kind regards

Stefan Wisniowski

Sydney Australia


Thank you for your comments, and of course you are right that internment is an inappropriate word. It reflects, I am sure, our general ignorance of history. You may have worked out that the extract you found was from notes by my father written in the mid-fifties, and were he alive he would be the first to put the record straight. I have added a note in my database, which will appear when I next update the internet site.

Your email set me on a trail of more research about Tengeru and it's origins, and I came across this page - I am sure you are aware if it. http://www.immi.gov.au/research/publications/langfitt/langfitt27.htm

I also found the Kresy-Siberia Group and the recent contribution from Ryszard Antolak. I suspect that it was has contribution that sent you off on the search for Tengeru. I should like to contact Ryszard to request permission to add his account to my database - do you have an email address for him?

My family lived in Arusha in 1953-1957, when I was a small boy, and although I remember visiting Tengeru, I have no memories of the cemetery which Ryszard describes.

Do please let me know if you find more information relating to Tengeru, and indeed any other aspect of Northern Tanzania.

Extract ID: 4120

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    * Joseph Thomson

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Lisa Matthews
Page Number: 2003 02 20
Extract Date: 20 Feb 2003
Lisa Matthews - Through Maasailand

I would like to know if you have an electronic copy of "Through Maasailand" by Joseph Thompson. I am doing research on the Maasai and would like to read this pivotal text in Maasai history.

Thank you in advance.


Lisa Matthews

Cultural Survival

Education Program


You are in luck. There is a web site at http://www.geocities.com/olmorijo/ Which contains the full text of the Thompson Book at: http://www.geocities.com/olmorijo/thomson_preface.htm

The site hasn't been updated for some time. And I've sometimes been unable to access it because it runs out of data transfer quota. But if you get in, you will also find copies of several interesting Maasai related documents, including

An Administrative Survey of the Masai Social System by H. A. Fosbrooke from Tanganyika Notes and Records, December 1948, Number 26.

Vocabulary of the Enguduk Iloigob by Revd. James Erhardt

Maasai Agreement 1904

Maasai Agreement 1911

High Court Judgement - Maasai Land Case 1913

Die Völkerstämme im Norden Deutsch=Ostafrikas, Kapitel VI., Die Masai und Wandorobbo von Max Weiß. Pp., 317- 410. Verlag von Carl Marschner, Berlin, 1910.

Although I'm sure you may already have access to some of these.
Extract ID: 4122

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nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Martin Davis
Page Number: 2003 03 02
Extract Date: 1951-1960
Davis Family - Arusha School 1951 - 1960

We are the Davis Family, our father was Senior Superintendent Basil George Davis of Karanga Prisons, Moshi.

The Davis Children Joan, Joyce, Mary, Martin and Peter went to Arusha Boarding School - between 1951-1960.

On our family reunion to Tanzania in 2000 we visited Arusha Boarding School and we are happy to report that the Tortoise was an elderly gent but still going strong!! and still loved by all the children.

I remember most of my time at Arusha I spent outside Mr Hampshire's Office or visiting the matron M's Debeer!! For getting caught off my bed during siesta time!!

Still very happy days!!

We spent 13 wonderful years in Tanganyika and left when independence came about in 1961.

Joan still speaks swahilli like a native and was well at home on our reunion, the rest of us struggled a bit with the language!!

We plan another visit in Feb 2005!! Do you still live near Moshi?

Extract ID: 4123

external link

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nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Robert Norris
Page Number: 2003 04 08
Extract Date: 1967
George Dove

In January 1967, with four of my Peace Corps colleagues (vacationing in East Africa from Liberia), we stopped at the Kimba Tent Camp on the rim of Ngorongoro crater and were welcomed by George Dove. We didn't have enough money to stay at the Lodge and they said go to the tent camp nearby. We were glad we did. We spent a memorable night as George recounted over dinner hunting safaris he had been on facing lions and other wild beasts. The next morning he took us in his Land Rover to the crater floor and we saw lions, rhino, hippos, etc. and photographed them. I am enclosing two slides from that memorable day.


What great photos, and a great memory of George. Thanks for taking the trouble to send them.

May I take it that you will be happy for me to add them to the web site?

If I may I will also send them direct to the people who run the Ndutu Safari Lodge. They have a photo of George displayed in the dining room. (In fact it's recently been cleaned up and remounted - a copy of a photo

of the photo is attached). George's son visited them (from Australia) and there were still many of the staff who remembered him and his father. See the Ndutu newsletter for August 2001 http://www.ndutu.com/pages/whatshappening2001.html#aug

Have you had a chance to go back? If you do, do find time to visit Ndutu. (I'm slightly biased because I look after their web site - www.ndutu.com).

Thanks again for your feedback



Please feel free to add them to your Web site and to send them on to Ndutu. I am sorry they are of such poor quality. They were 36-year old faded slides that I scanned into the computer. Unfortunately I have never been back but still hold out a hope that one day I will.

Best regards,

Robert Norris
Extract ID: 4141

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nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Robert Norris
Page Number: 2003 04 08
Extract Date: 8 April 2003
George Dove at the Crater

Extract ID: 4142

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    * George Dove
    * Kimba Lodge/Camp
    * Ngorongoro: Lodges

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Robert Norris
Page Number: 2003 04 08
Extract Date: 8 April 2003
Kimba Camp

Extract ID: 4143

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    * Arusha School Alumni

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Anoop Shah
Page Number: 2003 04 17
Anoop Shah - Arusha School 1970-1976




Anoop Shah
Extract ID: 4475

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    * 'Ben' Benbow
    * Momella Lodge

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: John Autard
Page Number: 2003 04 23
Extract Date: 23 April 2003
John Autard - Making of the movie Hatari

I found your webpage re Arusha and the making of the movie Hatari - do you know what hotel was used in the film.

My father John (Jean) Autard was running the Safari Hotel at the time but he died in August 1961 and I am trying to put together a chronological history of our family. I have several postcards that were sent from the Safari Hotel at the time with the Hatari Stars on.

I would appreciate any pointers.

Thanking you sincerely

John Autard (jnr)

Cape Town South Africa

Dear Sirs

I have written to you earlier today.

I found on your site reference to "Ben" Benbow who was running the Safari Hotel in 1960/61.


"The Safari Hotel was masterfully managed for the Rydons by a pale-skinned Englishman named Ben Benbow. Benbow was a professional hotelier down to his manicured fingertips and slicked-down hair. He was the only man in Arusha who always wore a suit and tie. Among his dusty, khaki-clad safari clientele, he stood out like a catwalk mannequin in the lturi forest. Rotund, jovial, and present when guests registered, day or night, Benbow was on a first-name basis with every white hunter as well as with celebrity actors such as Robert Taylor, John Wayne, and Hardy Kruger. The walls around the huge copper bat at the Safari were decorated with framed and signed photographs of white hunters with their clients and trophies."


Is he still alive and if so how could I contact him - would you possibly have any photographic references to him?

Thanking you sincerely

John Autard

Cape Town South Africa

Dear John

Thank you for both your emails.

I was going to write to check that you had found all entries relevant for you, and I guess if you found the Benbow entry you probably have.

Did you spot in the Places Index that there are a couple of extracts for the New Safari Hotel, including a fairly recent one from the Arusha Times On-line edition.

The Benbow extract you cite comes from White Hunters by Brian Herne. I've checked to see if there are any pictures of Benbow, but no.

Herne should still be alive, and according to the book is living in Southern California. His research was very extensive, and his sources and acknowledgements give lots of private papers he had access to .

There's nothing so obvious as an email address in the book, so you may have to go through his publishers.

And you asked about the hotel used for filming. - No idea really. The base for filming was at Momella Lakes in what is now the Arusha National Park. Momella Lodge was built for the crew, and the nearby Ol Donyo Rok Lodge was built for Hardy Kruger.

A lot of the plains scenes were filmed out in the Rift Valley near Makiyuni.

The main scene that I remember in Arusha Town involved the Clock Tower, and then in and out of the grocer called Narajan Singh (not sure about the spelling). I'd need to look at the film again to see if there was a hotel involved, and to try to identify it.

I'm visiting Arusha at the end of May, and hope to see the new New Arusha Hotel, and see what they've dug up about Hatari etc.

I've not yet found any (expat) residents of Arusha who were also there in the 1950's, but I'll try to find out what I can.

Are there any more specific questions I might be able to help you with, and do you have any more details about your father's time in Arusha?

Best of luck


Dear David

Thank you for you quick response.

I was hoping that you would be able to cast light on Benbow - I have done several searches on the Net but have yielded nothing as yet. If I were to send you a photograph do you know of anyone that might be able to ID it from that period?

The scene in Hatari wherein the elephants barge into the hotel was at the Safari Hotel, I was in the dining room at the time of filming!!!

Thank you again for being in touch.

Kindest regards

Extract ID: 4471

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nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Shashi Shah
Page Number: 2003 04 23
Extract Date: 23 April 2003
Shashi Shah - Arusha School 1961-67

Hello, I was at Arusha school but between 1961 and 1967, . . .

I am in the UK

I have not been actively collecting stuff on Arusha School, however I do have a few bits. I went to Arusha last year and have some recent photographs as well.

I note that the contacts you are looking for are for a different period, so what I have may not be appropriate.

Please call me/ email me if I can be of assistance.


Shashi Shah

Extract ID: 4476

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    * Hugo van Lawick

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Maurice Knight
Page Number: 2003 04 24
Extract Date: 24 April 2003
Solo: Story of an African Wild Dog

Sent: 24 April 2003 17:57

Subject: Re: van Lawick Video

Dear Sir/Madam:

I wish to purchase a copy of the video Solo: Story of an African Wild Dog by Hugo van Lawick. Can you recommend a source where it might be purchased?


Maurice Knight


The short answer is that I haven't a clue.

However, I find that the film was shown at the Wildscreen 2002 festival in Bristol England




An unmissable series of hosted film screenings from the ARKive library, spanning 60 years of natural history filmmaking. Each event will last for approx 90 minutes and will take place in the intimate 80 seat ARKive Theatre, 3rd Floor, At-Bristol.




The late Hugo van Lawick produced some of the most classical wildlife films of all time. Living in Africa for more than 30 years, his films were based on tales of passion, social integration, hunting, survival and defence tactics among wild animals. Here is an opportunity to see extracts from filmed interviews with this pioneering wildlife filmmaker from ARKive's collection of oral histories and to watch "Solo" a captivating story of an African wild dog pup made by Hugo in the mid 1970's. This film identified the individual personalities of the animals - a revolutionary approach to wildlife film making at the time. The event is hosted by Karen Hoy, a wildlife film producer who worked with Hugo at his camp in Tanzania.


And I see that ARKive have a web site (due to launch fully in May), with contact information at


So perhaps an email to them may help your search.

Good luck

Let me know how you get on.

Extract ID: 4472

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    * Saba Douglas-Hamilton

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Giulia
Page Number: 2003 04 26
Extract Date: 26/04/2003
The Search For Virgo

Hi, love your site. I only came across it due to watching The Search For Virgo, and decided, to do a search on Saba Douglas- Hamilton. I was sad Virgo was not found, but I"m sure she lived a very happy life. Saba is just so incredible, I wish she did get to see Virgo one more time. I wish Saba all the best, and it makes me happy to know , that gods creatures, have such a caring, and loving person like Saba, who , when comes in contact, with animals, is off pure love and care. All the Best. GIULIA.
Extract ID: 4165

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    * Adolph Siedentopf

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Edward Joffe
Page Number: 2003 05 23
Extract Date: 23 May 2003
Edward Joffe - Siedentopfs

Subject: Ngorongoro Crater / Siedentopf Borthers

Having just enjoyed surfing your website, I am wondering if you could possibly advise where I might find more comprehensive details on the web in regard to the Siedentopf Brothers who I believe lived in the Crater around

1912 and during part of World War 1.

Thanks in anticipation

Edward Joffe


I suspect that I've got the most information that's available in the searchable web, but I'm sure there must be more in the hidden web which the search engines don't get near. If I come across anything, I tend to capture it immediately into my database, so probably, what you see is what there is.

I don't know of any book which is specifically devoted to the Siedentopfs - at least published in English. There may be something in German. I'm sure there are many more passing references in the various books I list/possess, so more research would bring out more anecdotes.

Is there anything specifically you are looking for, that I may be able to find fairly easily? For what it's worth I think one of the brothers is buried in Mbulu - somewhere I think I have a photograph of his grave which I say in 1997.

Best wishes

Extract ID: 4473

external link

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    * George Dove

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Jerry Rilling
Page Number: 2003 06 02
Extract Date: 2 June 2003
Jerry Rilling - the lousy tourist chair

Dear David,

I finally looked at you site. A BIG mistake - I spent too long there last night & will have to visit it several more times. VERY NICE

I followed the George Dove links. The first picture is one where I kick myself every time I see it. How I allowed the picture(I am a photographer as well) to be taken in the lousy tourist chair rather than sending one of the staff for a canvas safari chair; I will never know.

Reading the links; there area a number of errors there that I had not noticed - I was there when they happened - in reading the original (or I have had the original & not really read it). It could prove a very useful site to people researching East African characters. Having spent the time last night; I had best get to work (one of the things I am doing is working on a new book list).


Extract ID: 4470

See also

    * Hugo van Lawick

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Wolfgang Tepple
Page Number: 2003 07 03
Extract Date: 03 July 2003
Wolfgang Tepple - Serengeti Symphony

Could you advise me if there are DVDs/Video available of Serengeti Symphony by Hugo Van Lawicks and how to obtain them?

Wolfgang Teppler

Calgary Alberta, Canada

This film is hard to find.

It was made in 35mm and designed for showing in cinemas. I have been told that the Tanzanian Government hold the distribution rights, and have limited the publication of any VHS or DVD versions so as to maximise the exposure in the cinemas! If you do a Google search for "Serengeti Symphony" you will see that most of the listings are for one-off showings of the film.

Certainly it is impossible to find in the UK, and on Amazon (UK, US and NL at least).

I found my VHS copy in SOuth Africa (Johannesburg Airport).

I'm not sure, but I may also have seen a copy on sale recently in Tanzania.

If things change, or I found out any more, I'll try to remember to let you know.



Thank you for your reply.

I save a TV production on the making of the film and thought that a DVD/VHS might have been produced of the final product. I have had the fortune of spending some time in Kenya (& the Serengeti) and it brought back some wonderful memories of a fabulous place.

I have a friend working in Johannesburg. Do you think there still might be copies available there?

Thanks again for all your help.


Wolfgang Teppler
Extract ID: 4474

See also

    * Delta Willis

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Page Number: 2003 07 27
Extract Date: 27 July 2003
Delta Willis

Came across your site doing a google on Alan Root; I have friends in Arusha and also do web sites, plus the Fodor's Guide to Tanzania. Who are you?

Delta Willis www.deltawillis.com

Monday, July 28, 2003 5:18 PM

Subject: Who am I?

Dear Delta

Thanks for your email. I guess you might also have found my site if you did a Google looking for Delta Willis!!

Who am I - how do I answer that? The long answer is buried in http://www.ntz.info/pages/disclaimer.html.

The short answer is that I'm an English man who lived in Arusha with my father for four years in the fifties. Returned in 1994 for a Safari with Gibb's Farm Safaris which revived an interest, if not a passion for the country. I was persuaded that there was a niche for people to do web sites for safari companies - especially if they were prepared to trade trips for web pages - and so gave up my "day job" three years ago to do just that and to travel to Africa as often as I can. Last was in Arusha in May for the Karibu Trade Fair. When I can find the time, it's my hobby to collect books about Northern Tanzania, and piece together extracts and quotes to build up a history of the peoples and places of Northern Tanzania - hence www.nTZ.info. What's great now is that I'm starting to get emails from people with personal recollections, and information not otherwise readily available.

I'm sure we may have friends and contacts in common in Arusha - maybe you also were there in May. My main contacts are listed on http://www.digitalsafaris.com/pages/websites.htm but I need to do some work to bring the page up to date.

Perhaps we may meet sometime in Arusha, or do you visit WTM in London in November?

What are you working on - I must admit I haven't checked recently whether there is a new edition of Fodors - I'm aware of some of your other publications. DO you do web sites also for Tanzanian operators?

I'm still trying to find a copy of your Hominid Gang, but I have your bio of the Leakey family. You will see that I have used a couple of extracts from it (http://www.ntz.info/gen/b00289.html). I included these because I was asked to answer the question "who really first found the Laetoli footprints" and pulled together as many sources as I could possibly find - these are all on the Laetoli page (http://www.ntz.info/gen/n00322.html) which is inevitably somewhat large. It amazes me also that when you do a Google search on Laetoli you bring up as many references to Creationists as you do to scientific narratives.

Best wishes


Dear David Marsh,

Good to hear from you. Actually I did a Google on Alan Root to figure out why I receive so many inquiries for his films. I've subsequently seen your Bio and noted with interest the extracts from John Heminway's book. John's a friend, as is Root. I haven't been to Arusha in 2 years but did the site for Mouse & Charlie McConnell www.robinhurtphotosafaris.com and am close with Zoe & Roland Purcell, Mark & Milly Houldsworth, Tor Allan and Martina at Rivertrees. I send American travelers to Tanzania.

Several tidbits for you to consider for your site.

1) I note that you had the Park East site up as of 1999, which is when I wrote all their content. Park East was bought by Grand Expeditions in 2001, and the site is basically now my recycled copy, plus some very bad new stuff. The info at my Inside Information pages is more honest and more up to date; in fact the reason you had trouble logging on to my site is that we are updating it, on weekends. When the new Book page is up, there will be an excerpt from my Introduction to the new Fodor's Guide.

2) I have a new What to Pack page which has quality safari gear from Orvis (who also ship to U.K.) and useful info, such as Visa Application Forms for Tanzania. I would be very grateful if you might link to that page. It will help us both with the Google search engine if you use one of these phrases: "What to pack for Safari, vacation packing list and travel advice" link to http://www.deltawillis.com/pack2.htm

3) I will do a return link to your site, not sure where yet, don't want to become the Alan Root fan club site. I am looking for a comprehensive list of good wildlife videos on Africa, not limited to Tanzania. Finally, I am working on a book on Zanzibar and have lots of content that Fodor's didn't use. Maybe there is some why we can work on a digital safari together?

All the best Delta
Extract ID: 4468

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    * David Rydon
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    * Mrs. Margot Rydon

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Alison Aitken
Page Number: 2003 08 21
Extract Date: 21 August 2003
Gladys and Margot Rydon - not sisters

My 70+ year old mother and I are taking a trip to Arusha where she grew up and so I've been looking up anything about Arusha. My mother noticed your piece called "Stan Lawrence-Brown had his office in the Safari Hotel" which mentioned Gladys and Margot Rydon and thought you might like to know the following:

Harold Rydon married Gladys first, they had three children, David who you mention, Pamela and another son Arther, who became a doctor.

Harold's second wife was Margot. She was step mother to David and the others.

The two women lived close to each other, but were not sisters.

I hope you don't mind me correcting you.

Best wishes.

Alison Aitken

Dear Alison

Thank you for your email last week about the nTZ web site, and the comments about Gladys and Margot Rydon. I have checked back to the source in Brian Herne's book, and I have quoted him verbatim, but clearly he's wrong, and I'll happily add your information to the web site when I next do an update - hopefully some time during September.

I hope you and your mother enjoy your trip to Arusha. If your mother grew up there it must have been "some time" ago, and I'm sure she will see many many changes, although the basic layout remains the same, and many landmarks still exist. Perhaps she knows the answer to a puzzle I have which is to find out when the clock tower was built, and by whom.

If she (or you) have any other memories, or photographs which you would be willing to share on the web site, I'd love to hear from you.

When do you plan to visit Arusha - I shall be passing through again during October.



Hello David,

Glad to have been of help. I shall pass your message on to my mother and I'm sure she would be delighted to help if she can. She is in her mid-70's and her memories are very bright and clear, so our trip should be fascinating. I have printed off quite a lot of the website for her and she knows or knew so many of the people mentioned.

We will be in Tanzania from mid-October and though we are travelling a bit we are staying for a night or two at the beginning, middle and end of our trip at Moivaro near Arusha. If it fitted into your programme and ours I'm sure we would be pleased to meet up with you.

I'll ask about the clock tower and photographs/memories, though sometimes these are better sparked by chatting about things, or asking questions which light a spark.

Best wishes.

Extract ID: 4482

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    * Jenny Hartley
    * John Pearson

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: June Hill
Page Number: 2003 08 28
Extract Date: 28 Aug 2003
John Pearson - clarification

My name is June Hill ........ My maiden name was Pearson and John Pearson, the author of Hunters of the Plains was my father. Jenny Hartley was my step mother and the details in the following text are incorrect .............. Hartley was her second husband's surname, and it was my father John Pearson who is referred to in this text as having been shot by accident by a guard. The interesting point for me here is that until now, some 25 years after his death, I have always believed that he died before dawn whilst he was getting ready for the day' s shooting.

Dear June

Thank you for your email about the nTZ web site, and my apologies for the confusion and inaccuracy in the text. I suspect that either Christ Stott was not quite clear of the circumstances, or that I misquoted what he told me.

It will give a better account if I include the words from Colin Willock's Epilogue. I'll add this when I do the next update, which will hopefully be sometime during September.

I hope you found the rest of the site interesting, and if you have any information or photographs which may be relevant to the Northern Tanzania, I'd love to hear from you.



Dear David

Many thanks for your email the contents of which are noted.

Northern Tanzania is not a part of East Africa that is particularly well known to me at all as I was born and lived in Kenya until my mid 20s ....... however, somewhere in the dark depths of the roof I have photographs of various trips to Arusha, Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater which were taken on trips with my father, John Pearson. Once I have sifted through them I will scan and email you my finds and you are welcome to use or delete as you see fit.

........ and yes, I found your site very interesting.


Extract ID: 4483

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    * Serengeti Shall not die

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Andrew Fowler
Page Number: 2003 10 09
Serengeti shall not die on film?

Dear ask@ntz,

I am a scientist/conservationist working with chimpanzees and other primates in Gashaka Gumti National Park, Nigeria. The Head of the Nigerian National Parks Service in Nigeria, (Alhaji Marguba, Conservator General, to give him his correct title) told me he had seen Grzimek's film 'Serengeti Shall not die' many years ago and enjoyed it greatly. I have managed to find a second hand copy of the book for him, but I cannot locate an English version of the film, although it is available in German from Amazon.de (German Amazon.com). Do you have any ideas of how I might obtain this to present to the Alhaji?

Thank you for attention. I enjoyed your website greatly.

Yours in hope,

Andrew Fowler


Thanks for your kind comments about the web site.

Short answer is that I have no idea. I'm actually off to Tanzania tomorrow for three weeks and will ask around to see if anyone out there has any thoughts. It's just the kind of thing that may be gathering dust on someone's shelves. But unlikely.

I picked up another Grzimek book recently (Among the Animals) which has some hilarious photos of experiments showing cardboard cut-outs of lions, elephants and rhinos to real life ones. Maybe not the sort of thing you could get away with now.

If you find anything, do let me know, and I can add it to the pool of knowledge. Etc



Extract ID: 4669

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    * Dr. Harvey Croze

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Harvey Croze
Page Number: 2003 10 14
Great website

Great website: just stumbled on it via a Google search for xxxxxx

Harvey Croze, D.Phil.

Amboseli Trust for Elephants
Extract ID: 4670

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    * Arusha School Alumni
    * Mbeya School

nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: George Taylor
Page Number: 2003 10 31
Extract Date: 1963 - 1966
George Taylor - Arusha School -1963 - 1966

What a pleasure to come accross this web site, it certainly got my memory bank in action.

My name is George Taylor and, along with my sister Audrey Taylor (2 years my senior), I attended Arusha boarding school from about 1963 to 1966. The headmaster at the time was Mr B.L.Jones. My family lived in Moshi where my Dad taught at the local Trade School. We previously lived in Ifunda and I went to Mbeya boarding school before moving to Moshi.

I remember the giant tortoise, trips to the Twiga bookshop in Arusha and also the Cha-Cha coffee bar where we would spend our money on curry peas. Mr Rushbrook taugh French and was remowned for smacking people on the back of the head for any minor mistake. The dinner bell was a railway line hanging from a tree outside the main building. I was a dorm monitor and remember wearing the green shirt, khaki shorts and felt hat on a Sunday. I would take a friend home every two weeks when my parents travelled up from Moshi. I remember Martin Gelege (not sure of spelling now) being the fastest runner in the school - things like that mattered then! Mrs Bradley was my form teacher and Mrs Fernandez was the dorm Matron.

I could write a book about this and my friends Alnoor Jetta and Robi and Maria Sossi - where are they all now.

I am 48 now with a wife and 2 sons, Steve 21 and Mick 18 who both work with me at British Telecom.


George Taylor


I am sorry to be so long in replying, I have only recently returned from a trip to Tanzania.

Many thanks for your feedback and information about your time at Arusha School. If I may, I will add it to the Alumni section of the web site. I try not to publish private email addresses so as to avoid the risk of them being deluged with spam. But if anyone tries to contact you I shall gladly put them in touch.

I've got lots to add to the web site, especially because I've been back to Arusha twice this year - visiting the school on one trip (Tortoise still going strong). Because of other commitments, it may be the end of the year before I can do an update.

You say "being the fastest runner in the school - things like that mattered then!" - They still matter!!! In June I visited the inter-school cross-country championships in Arusha between 2 international schools, a Greek school and 2 or 3 Tanzanian schools. On the course it was very competitive, and Arusha School carried off the overall championship.

You also mention smacking - I've just received an email from a Kirit Patel (1969 -1975) - who can remember "the fun times and the not so much fun times i spent at the school or at the head masters office being whacked by Mr Jones size 6 / 7 shoes and Mr Nettlebacks wood cane"


Many thanks for your enjoyable and interesting reply. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Tanzania.

I look forward to seeing more of the same on your excellent web site - what a nostalgia trip!

I have had a long chat with my parents about the web site and they were facinated.

Thanks for making contact.


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nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Kirit Patel
Page Number: 2003 11 11
Extract Date: 1969 -1975
Kirit Patel - Arusha School -1969 -1975


a school i shall always hold dear ro my heart

where i grew up

where i found my self

i was a student at arusha school from 1969 -1975 (Kirit Patel )

i am now in the Hotel Buisness in the united States

i can remeber the the fun times and not the so much fun times i spent at the school or at the head masters office being whacked by

Mr jones size 6 / 7 shoes

Mr Nettlebacks wood cane

and of course he ruined the school Mr Mlay a bad chapter in the history of the school

Mrs.kikiidis vegiterian food . me and my brother were the first boarding students who were pure vegiterians , we had eggs for breakfast , eggs for lunch , eggs for supper

she was the greatest

how can i forget mrs. macha, miss anthony mr morris and the school nurse

i can go on and on on

if there is any one form my era at the school i would like to get in touch with them
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nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Sahil
Page Number: 2003 11 15


Came across this site in general surfing, phenomenal!!! Great piece of work , easily accesible and tons of wonderful info.

All the best,


Many thanks for your comments. It's really good to know that the web site is being appreciated. It spurs me on to work on the next update which I really hope to have ready by the end of the year. I've visited Arusha twice since the last update and have lots of new information ready to add.

May I please have your permission to add your comments to the front page. I'll only use your first name, and will leave no contact info for you.

Please do so. In the meantime im spreading the word about the site to all i know with interests in tz. Once again brilliant effort.
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nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Sarah Mascall (nee Holland)
Page Number: 2003 11 19
Sarah Holland - Arusha School 1960 - 1966

Hi I have just discovered this terrific site. I was at Arusha School from 1960 until 1966 and the site bought back wonderful memories. Both my brother and sister were also at Arusha although a good deal earlier.

Many thanks for your kind comments about the web site. I've got some more information about the School which I shall be including in the next update, which hopefully will be done by the end of the year. If I may I'll include your email in the Alumni section. I try not to publish private email addresses on the web site, but if anyone asks I will put them in touch with you.

If you have any photos, or other memories, I'm sure others would enjoy see them, so please do send them to me for inclusion.

Thanks for your reply. Can you give the Alumni Sections web address. At some point I will try and look up photos - I think I have one of two of the dining room boys Twiga and Daudi and various others so maybe over the Christmas break I will get them down

I have sent my brother the link as his name is on the Meru Board picture. I am in contact through friends reunited with Jane Holton who gave your website to me she has sent me a full school photo - don't know where she got it from. Might be of some interest
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nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Fiona Musana-Hannig
Page Number: 2003 12 11
Extract Date: 1976-1984
Fiona Musana-Hannig - Arusha School - 1976-1984

Greetings from Indonesia!

I am so happy to find such a resourceful and interesting website on a school I hold so close to my heart. I was there from 1976 to 1983 and I will never forget this school. Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful update..

I now live in Jakarta, Indonesia and have memories of Arusha School that will be forever etched in my mind. I will be visiting Tanzania this year, top on my list is Arusha School. I look forward to seeing the tortoise.

Is there an Alumni in existence?

Thank you!

Fiona Musana-Hannig
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nTZ Feedback, 2003
Extract Author: Olli Marttila
Page Number: 2003 12 12
A new guide book

This material is free to add your list if any interest (contains also a new handbook).

I was working during the years 2001-2002 as a TAWIRI scientist in order to gather the material for the comprehensive handbook "The National Parks of Tanzania, and Other Key Conservation Areas".

A completed handbook, the first ever written on Tanzania's most important conservation areas, including all 12 national parks and the five most significant other sanctuaries. This book combines the latest ecological knowledge with other matters concerning the conservation in the parks, as well as providing traditional presentation of the wildlife and tourist facilities there. The book is intended for naturalists, safari tourists and scientists interested in Tanzania.

The book is now available on Finnish market as a name "Suuri savanni. Tansanian kansallispuistot ja muut avainsuojelualueet" (The Great Savanna. The National Parks of Tanzania, and Other Key Conservation Areas"). It is published in Finnish language by Auris at September 2003. The book contains 448 pages and 370 colour pics with 18 colour maps.

In late 2003 has been started a project in order to translate the book in English and produce it directly to Tanzanian market. It is expected that the book is available in Tanzania at latest on 2005.

The author: Olli Marttila, Ph.D. (born 1954), is an assistant professor in Environmental Science. His knowledge of nature in Tanzania is based on a close acquaintance with the country. He made a total of 10 journeys to the country between 1993-2000 before starting work as a TAWIRI scientist. He has published extensively, being the author of almost 500 original articles and reviews (in English and Finnish), and ten handbooks (in Finnish). Most of his books have been commercially highly successful and they haven been also been awarded prizes. These include the coveted Finlandia Prize for non-fiction literature.

Your sincerely,

Olli Marttila
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