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Life in Tanganyika in Photos 1928 - 1961

Started by Richard Allen, 07 July, 2009, 13:38

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Richard Allen

07 July, 2009, 13:38 Last Edit: 07 July, 2009, 17:22 by Richmal
Both my parents, John (Jack) and Marjorie Allen, were keen photographers and recorded life in Tanganyika in pictures. I have scanned these images and placed them on a photo sharing website which can be viewed at


I would appreciate any feedback from these photos, particularly placing names to people. I was, in the main, too young to remember names.



My grandmother's brother was William Wynne Jones who was the first Headmaster of Arusha School in 1934 before becoming Bishop of Central Tanganyika. He died tragically in 1950 and his wife and children returned to her native Australia.  If anyone knows of their whereabouts now please let me know   treforysboy@hotmail.co.uk     
Many thanks

Morag Cormack

Dear Richard,

I have posted some comments  on your wonderful photostream.  I really enjoyed looking at it, and remembering a couple of visits with my parents to the hotel.  We also stayed there once.

Andrew S

I, too, remember vaguely visiting the hotel in the early 50's with my mother Jean Sowerby. I also remember our Iringa-Mbeya school bus picking up Morag Cormack at Chimala - at least I think it was Morag? Great pics.

Simon Watson

Hi Richard,thanks so much for posting these photos! I wish I had seen them before.I went to Sao-Hill School from 1957-61 and remember the distance sign. This De Havilland Heron Aircraft with Princess Margaret aboard also went to Tanga where we lived. I was supposed to have gone to the Airport with my parents but did'nt want to dress-up so I vanished into the bundu to avoid that ordeal!!Tanga Hospital for me meant a broken wrist,Butcher Buck the Dentist and a 5 day stay with Malaria. Very best...Simon Watson.

George Punter

Hi Richard, I have just come across this site and have so many memories of Tanganyika/Tanzania. Thanks for the photos on Flicker, some very interesting. I will have to find out how to get mine there to share. Have many from Arusha School, Tanga and Dar. Will keep an eye on this site for more news.  George