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23 August, 2009, 16:07
Hi Nicholas Jolly

I remember you well from SHS. My sister, Fiona, and I, Fenella, Abernethy were both there. We went to the school from the second term it started. Still have lots of memories.

Hi also to Michael and Declan MacPhillips.  You won't remember us.  Too young!  Our parents, James and Winifred Abernethy, were very good friends of Katie and Jimmy.  i well remember your house in Dar and a bedroom full of bunkbeds and Declan's cot.  One time we went to meet your family arriving by ship. The girls were all dressed in the same material - easily identifiable.  We also visited you once on leave in UK - Fiona, I think, got measles then.
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23 August, 2009, 15:50
Hi Susan (Wynne-Jones)
I remember you and your sister, Naomi, from Dodoma.  Did you have a tree-house or something similar at your home?  My sister, Fiona, and I lived at the Boma. My father was the RM.  We weren't there for long. Moved to Dar.  We went to SH School at Sao Hill.  I remember spending much happy time at the Mission bookshop.   Fenella Pringle. ( I now live in New Zealand, Fiona in Malta)