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Hopefully this link will work for those interested - a few names missing - glad to have these added.
Quote from: Peter Woodrow on 18 August, 2010, 15:37
Alec: Did you get my reply to yours earlier this month? If not e-mail me on peterhwoodrow@hotmail.com. If Mike or Rae are tuned in to this too I'd be delighted to hear from them.
All the best, Peter

Hi Peter, sent email direct to hotmail. Speak soon - cheers, Alec.
Quote from: annibelle on 07 September, 2010, 19:30
Hi, I am Annibelle from Florida. What are you talking about???

Hi Annibelle, Just looking to make contact with old friends from Tanganyika days in 1950/1963 era who went to Mbeya School or lived in Dar es Salaam as youngsters/teenagers or whom we might otherwise know. Peter is an old school friend picking up the message for Michael and Rae Stanley, also old friends we want to contact again.
Regards, Alec.
Hi Chuck,
I and Brian Townson knew Ruston (and Clinton) at Mbeya with many memories. Brian married Ineka who knew Ruston at Iringa. When Ineka and Brian had their own boy, they named him Ruston in memory of Ruston and his tragic loss. We all live in UK now, although my youngets daughter is settled in Toronto where we visit regularly. It has been great reading and remembering times past. Best Regards and thanks for your efforts. Alec.
Mbeya / Re: Mbeya School
02 August, 2010, 21:39
Hi Valerie,
You probably don't remember me but I do you - you were the first girl I shyly exchanged cakes with in the desks, if you remember that? Slim with long dark hair as I remember. The names you quote were all familiar. I am in touch with Brian Townson. We would like to keep in contact with old firends. Brian is in touch with the Wallington boys.
Use my email if that suits.
Best Regards,
Alec (Pinky)
I would be interested in hearing from any of the above, and any from Mbeya 1950-55. I was 'Pinky' in Stanley, older sister Linare. I am in touch with Brian Townson. Also like to hear from Ian Lovegrove (Australia still?) if he looks in. Brian remembers names better than I and is in touch with Wallington boys; we both have quite detailed and good memories of Mbeya and life in general growing up in EA which we may document at some time for descendants who have little idea of such life with mixture of freedom, privilege and deprivation!