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Mbeya / Re: Mbeya Memories 1959 - 1961
14 November, 2009, 10:34
Wonderful memories just come flowing back to me when I read these letters. Only problem I have the guys that I went to school with 1947 to 1953 just don't seem to login on these wonderful stories.
Is there anyone that has any contact with the older generation from 1947 - 1953. I am trying so hard to contact Barbara Sargant, Betty Louwrens, Phillippa Crowder, Margaret Swift, Penny Waddington. Jane & Caroline Bayldon ( they lived in Mbeya.) Rita Lagopoulos, Helen Poupoula. I was lucky to make contact with Neville Watson, who was in my class. What about Claus Meier, Nicholas Langton. Do any of these names ring a bell to any one. Another funny memory that comes to my mind are the two wheels that we had at Mbeya school. The green one was allocated to the boys and the red one was for the girls. They were very well balanced and two kids could sit on them and then roll them round and round. Can any one remember them. Letty Wessels ( Engelbrecht)
Mbeya / Re: Mbeya School
31 July, 2009, 17:21
Hi Valerie,

Valerie, Your name definitely rings a bell. I was also in Burton and left in 1953.
I still have an Autograph book with some of the kids names. Do You remember
Barbara and Marjorie Sargant, Myra Gilliland, Helen Poupoula,  Stella  Pretorius, her sister Betty was a matron in the small girls dorm when I was there. Margaret Swift,
Penny Waddington, Then there was Dick Isemonger and Terrence Gunningham
Rose Davy, William Kent, Neville Watson, Cecilia Yeomans, Pippa Crowder, Bettie Louwrens, Sylvia Pinder and Margaret Merrit. Mr Gillham was one of our teachers.We struggled very hard to ever get a smile out of him, and what about Mr & Mrs McCreary. Mr McCreary always said grace in latin ! Mrs McCreary led the Sunday school classes. I would love to contact some of the old class mates. I am really hoping more of the older crowd who were in school with me also join Face Book. I especially would like to contact Barbara Sargant, who was my best friend and I am also looking for the whereabouts of Terrence Gunningham.
We are living in the Northern part of South Africa, the Limpopo Province very close to the Kruger National Park.
Would love to hear from you sometime.
Letty (Wessels)  Engelbrecht.