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Tanzania / Russell Bowker-Douglass
08 September, 2009, 11:49
I went to Kongwa  from 1954 - 1957, but what interested me was that Russell Bowker-Douglass said that his parents owned the Lake Manyara Hotel.  During the early 60's my mother raised an injured and orphaned impala.  She lived in the house with the dogs and her name was Twende.  She wore a collar.  When they went on leave, my mother, quite distraught, had to part with her, and found the only safe place was Lake Manyara.  We had contact from people over the years after that who had seen Twende.  At first she was quite distressed but later joined a herd and was easily distinguishable by her collar.  Was it Russell's parents who so kindly took Twende?

Chris Bailey