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Title: The Slope of Kongwa Hill, by Anthony R. Edwards
Post by: nTZ on 13 November, 2011, 17:41
Recommended by an ex-Kongwa girl, who said "I simply wanted to find a space to encourage ex-Kongwa-ites to read a book written by Anthony R. Edwards called, The Slope of Kongwa Hill.  ISBN 973-1-897435-65-6.  It's a great read and even a girl, (moi!) can empathise with the adventures even though ours may have been slightly less dangerous.  The general descriptions are so true to how I remember the school and its surroundings.  I went to Kongwa from 1952 or 1953, (yes I know I should be more exact but my memory is dreadful!) until Kongwa closed; its pupils moved en masse to Iringa."  Morag Cormack

Details at www.slopeofkongwahill.com/ (http://www.slopeofkongwahill.com/), including how to purchase it.
Title: Re: The Slope of Kongwa Hill, by Anthony R. Edwards
Post by: mike gordon on 17 July, 2012, 09:43
Downloaded the book from Amazon, much cheaper.
Was very glad I did, what a great read and generally very accurate.
Would recommend anyone who was at Kongwa to get it.
I must admit that I did feel a little let down. I was personally involved in some of the capers, some were my idea at the time. So I kept expecting my name to crop up, but it never did!
As to Mr Whitehead's whip, I did end up in the hospital for nearly a week from his punishment. So unlike in the book, they did have to get involved. I understood much later from my mum, that he eventually got chucked out of EA but I don't the details.