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Mbeya / Re: Mbeya Memories 1959 - 1961
22 March, 2010, 19:45
Honestly, I have often wondered how all the kids from Mbeya School turned out!! I was there from 1955 I think  until 1960. I was initially in Miss Butchers dormitory and then moved into Miss Cravens Dorm. She was a much nicer matron. there was also Miss Drew who was a nice matron.
Miss Von Geppard fed me two pudding spoons of mixed mustard for pretending to talk in my sleep...I haven't like mustard sinse. I just remember getting the takkie more often than I would like to admit. I remember the notice boards with each house and the kids names. My name was longer than anyone elses and it had more minuses than plusses.
It made me stronger and every Mbeya School kid seems to be quite a character. Must have done us some good. BUT ALL THOSE RULES!!