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Mbeya / Mbeya School
21 August, 2011, 02:57
Hi . I have just discovered this website & spent the last hour or so reading about Mbeya School where I was from 1955-1958. MEMORIES!!!

I remember the dentist coming in a lorry and the foot operated drill. I remember the Easter hike we did. I remember the excitement when we got our suitcases out at the end of a 5 month term for the long bus trip back to Dar. I remember the excitement when you got a parcel from your parents on your birthday. I remember tryting to be first at the sports locker on Sundays to get the best of the equipment. I remember the cane!! I remember sick bay when I had mumps and the German nurse. I remember the inkwells and the compulsory letter we had to write to our parents every Saturday morning. I remember breakfast in the dining room where you had at least a few rotton boiled eggs in the pile of eggs for breakfast. I was in Burton (green?) and we had to line up in our house before we went in to eat.I remember sharing baths and putting on shoes and socks first after (something I still do) so as not to get verucas. I remember hyenas occasionally coming into the dorms. The River Gardens was a refuge and we made boats out of paper and wood and also dammed the water. So many memories. Thanks to you all for bringing them back. I now live in Sydney Australia.