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Hi Rosemarie,
I enjoyed reading your post with all the names, many I remember.    I cannot remember you tho'.    My name is Gill (bennett) Kopy, and I was friends with Rachel Wenban-Smith and  Joan Brackfield .   I was in Livingston House.     A couple of my memories are:
The midnight feast on the train heading back to school
Being threatened with death by Miss White if I damaged her violin (the others were too small for me)
Spending Sundays with the Wrigleys so that I could have extra French lessons (he taught French and art)
Practising plays on the Crowder's lawn   Apparently the Crowders lived on Vancouver Island at some stage.
Fun Girl Guide get togethers in Mbeya
The Lagopolous sisters going around bed to bed hitting the occupant with a pillow
Dancing in the hall and starting a snowball dance with my then heart throb, Peter Bradley
The river garden
Climbing the trees down by the far hockey pitch.
Making the plain bread and butter into sandwiches with nasturtium leaves
Getting beaten by the teachers in a netball match, students vs teachers
Singing after bath time in the shoe room
Sister and the razor she used to remove those warts we used to get on our feet (can't remember what they're called)

and probably lots more !!