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Tanzania / the country rich with splendour.
06 August, 2009, 09:32
i think i have been to Tanzania a couple of times and every time i'm in this coutry i just feel i should not go back to my native coutry. i love the geographic and tourist sites in this country and what amazes me most and that i would to get response from the people themselves is the artifacts still existing in this country.
i have read in the history books about olduvai gorge and other historic sites and my interest is in the German items left in this country.
I'm looking for a coin of wilhem kaiser(1888-1918) II who ruled Germany during the world war one period.The coin is that of 1913 and has the following features:
it has abulging side with the image of wilhelm kaiser with a bird on his head and on the it's flat on the other side with the image of two lions facing each other and apalm tree in between them. Also i'm looking for a German stove and iron box that bears image of two lions facing each other and a palm tree in between them and an inscription of the words, "DOSS".
There is a big and nice reward awaiting anyone who has the above mentioned items.
my contacts are richowiti@yahoo.com or +254727497784.
email me or call me if you have the above mentioned items or if you know anyone possessing such items, remember you will also be rewarded for directing us to the person and the person will also gain.
i have been looking for some coins that are rumoured to be found in Tanzania. The coin is taht of wilhem kaiser of 1913.it's described as follows.
one of its sides is swollen or concave and have an inscription of William Kaisar Head with a bird on top of it. The reverse  side is s flat with images of two lions facing each other and a palm tree in between them.  There is also the  name William Kaiser inscription on the edges,& other German wording in the mild. When this is placed closely to the ear & Shaken, some form of heavy liquid can be heard moving & when you fold it into your palm, it sensationalizes your hand.
Also i'm looking for a stove that was used by the Germans. this stove has inscriptions of wilhem doss underneath two images of lions facing each other with a palm tree between them.
Anyone with the above mentioned items or knows who has them can contact me at
richowiti@yahoo.com or my phone number is +254727 497784 and tell me how we can get them.there iss a big reward for the items.
please also help me to trace Joe otuke and william omondi.