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Tanzania / New Arusha Hotel
13 June, 2013, 01:01
Hi can any one give me some fact a pictures about the New Arusha Hotel? We having a discussion on face book about when it was rebuilt and dates, manly in the 60's.
Tengeru / Tengeru
16 July, 2010, 02:05
Hi I was born in Africa and reading article's like this about the Polish camp in Tengeru really opens yours eyes how people where treated in WW2.
I when to school in Arusha and in all that time I did not know any think about Tengeru. I am sadden that nothing was ever said about those times to us by our parents. I think it should have been some thing in the History lesson in school too.
It just goes to show that so much went on in Africa in those years and with the benefit of the Internet we can all learn and read other peoples experience's.
Mike Brown 
Arusha / Arusha Town Pictures
21 December, 2009, 21:47
Just a couple of pictures. Do you remember any of the sites? New Arusha Hotel, we used to go and have a swim in the pool, I think it cost us about 2 Shillings. Also another of New Arusha Hotel and the very famous Town Clock. Goverment House, I see from recent pictures it has not changed much. The last one, remember the Caltx? Round there some where was the Little Theatre, wonder if it's still there?
Arusha School / Arusha School Teachers
10 October, 2009, 07:35
Did you have any favourite teachers from that time you were in school? I remember Mr BL Jones, who was the Headmaster for a while. He used to teach Scripture and always wrote good things on my school reports. Mr Goswell who was my Teacher, he always made us Laugh and was a fair teacher. Mr Rushbrook, who was head master for a while, I was told off many a time by him in front of the school. I remember we caught a snake one day and he kept it in a glass case. Mrs Rushbrook, she was possesssed, I think she used to hate us. Mr Hamshere, I don't remember to well, but I think he was quiet a gentle man.
Mike Brown
Arusha School / School Reports
04 September, 2009, 08:48
Well things have gone a little quiet, so here is another topic to talk about. Growing up in Africa when you think about it, we learned to look after our self at a very young age. How many of you have kept any of your old school reports? I have lost some, but still have my first report from the first year in (yes) boarding school. How many kids would survive in school these days as we did in those gone by years.
This forum / New Members
30 August, 2009, 23:36
Well, I see there is a lot of new members registering but not a lot of info being written down on profiles or new topics started.
A lot of you most have had some good experiences, or stories to tell. So don't be shy lets hear them.
Arusha School / Arusha school Graffiti
16 August, 2009, 07:51
Arusha school out side walk wayfrom the boys block, which went round  to the Girls Block and by the path, that went down to the swimming pool, was a very large tree. Don't know about you but, every one carved their name into that tree. I wonder if it's still there?
Mike Brown.
Arusha School / Arusha Memories
12 August, 2009, 23:43
I just love this site. How many of you can still speak Swahili? I can still remember some of it, most likley get myself out of trouble if I had too.
Just looking through some of my old pictures, I came across a picture of the Church in Arusha. I can remember as a boarder you always if you had a chance to get out of school. Does any one remember going to to Sunday school, you had to walk across the bridge down by the river and it was on the corner of I think Church Rd and the road out of Arusha to Moshi.
I don't think I liked Sunday school all that much but you got morning tea and cakes I think. I remember the grounds around the church were always magnificent with all the flowers and trees. I found a picture but not a very good one.
I will put a couple more in there, me earning my pocket money(note the uniform), me in about 65( can you guess what I am holding,that is why I used to get into trouble).
Also some pictures of our house on Haile Selassie Rd, we also lived in Church Rd road too opposite Julus Nyerere Govt House.
Mike Brown.
Does any one know or can put me on the right track to find Robert Rugimbana?
You can see him as I knew him back in school days.
I have found out he is now a Professor and teaching in South Africa. Other people in picture, sitting on the box, George Gonthier, other boy sitting on box ?, behind him, Godfrey Gonthier, boy in glasses,Patrick Burnett, boy helmet on ?, Bold boy ?, next 4 sitting down ?, Robert Rugimbana and yours truly
Mike Brown
Arusha School / Arusha School Cubs& Scouts
07 August, 2009, 07:46
Does any one remember being in the cubs or scouts and going on jamborees. I remember two, one we had to pick out a place in the middle of the bush and make our camp. All we had was a tent. We had to make all the table and chairs and so on and later judged on the area. Second we just had a tent and we had all our gear stolen.
Mike Brown
Arusha School / Old School Mates
02 August, 2009, 02:55
Back in those days we all had some great mates at school, but sadly in those days we did not have things like computers and cell phones. Letter writing was the only way of getting in touch with each other. Because of this I think, we lost touch with a lot of our friends. To cut a long story short, I remember one of my friends (but sorry can't remember his name). He was  african and  had a birth defect with one of his legs. Saying this it didn't stop him from doing any think, especially sport. I remember when he played cricket, one of us had to do all the hard work and run for him, and I can tell you he used to clock up some runs. I can remember it was pretty hard to get a foot ball past him when he was goalie too. One fond memory I can think of, most of my friends were all boarders and I was a day pupil at the time. I had talked my dad into having a bit of a birthday party, and had also arranged for a couple of mates to come out of school for a short time. Well we were a bit late going back and I can remember my dad sneaking every one back in with out matron finding out ( I think I got away with that one) I think his father was some one in the goverment, I can't remember, I think we all meet him once. Does any one remember his name? I would love to get in touch with him again
Mike Brown.
Arusha / On holiday Mombasa
01 August, 2009, 06:08
On holiday in Mombasa, from left to right. My sister,dad at rear, me in front and BL Jones son.
Arusha / My Friends place Arusha
26 July, 2009, 06:10
Don't know if any one remembers George Gonther? He was my best friend back then. He used to live by the park where they used to play cricket matches. Piture of the swimming pool he had in his yard. You can still see it on Google Earth.
Arusha / Pitures of Arusha 1963
26 July, 2009, 05:51
Some pitures of Arusha around 1963. Looking North, South, and West. The 2nd to last one of Tanganika Extract, where my father worked. It was at the back of Arusha right in the middel of coffee farmes next to the railway.
Arusha School / Arusha School Disarsters
18 July, 2009, 23:50
While at Arusha school there was a couple that I can remember of. One was the earth quake in 1963, I was in class when it happened. The other not so much as a disarster, I came to school one morning and there used to be some huge gum trees by the girls dorms. In the night before, there had been a storm and the lightning had split one tree right down the middle.
Mike Brown.
Arusha School / Arusha School Matrons
18 July, 2009, 00:32
Arusha School Matrons
Reading through all the comments on this site relate back to a lot of the matrons at Arusha School. I think they played a big part of our lives when at boarding school. Some of them where just like mum and others (well I'll leave that to your judgement).
I was not the brightest of sparks at school but I had a lot of energy, this is what got me into trouble. I was a boarder to start with then became a day pupil when we moved into Arusha. Being a day pupil, I guess the matrons though I was a bad influence on the boarders. I can remember some things about those days perhaps every one else can add their comments.
I remember going on a trip with the scouts and because I was a day pupil at the time, borrowed some of the schools gear. Well when I returned the gear it was a little late, next day matron has me up in front of the headmaster, please explain.
Another time I got a nasty bee sting, you know there bees over there where vicious. Sent off to the sick bay to see the nurse. After the nurse had seen me she sent one of the House boys to take me and my bike home. Well next day of the matrons found out because she couldn't find her House boy at the time. Up before the headmaster again, please explain.
Does anyone remember, after lunch you had to go and lie on your bed in the dorms for an hour or so and you were not allowed to talk. I remember the matrons used to patrol round the dorms and boy if you talked, you had to stand at the end of your bed till she decided.
I remember there used to be a movie on a Saturday night up in the main hall. I got permission to come to school to watch them some times. This one time I was early and waited in the passage way for the rest to finish dinner. Well as you can guess, spotted by matron, you got it up before the headmaster at assembly Monday morning.
The things they used to do to us, now days they would get locked up for it. Saying that I guess it didn't do use much harm. Love to hear your comments.
Mike Brown.

Arusha School / The Swimming pool
15 July, 2009, 03:58
It's so sad to see the recent piture of the swimming pool. I remember doing some great bombs off the high diving point, much to the discussed of the teacher in charge. Does any one remember sport days, when you you had to pick up as many plates from the bottom of the pool, who ever got the most won.
Mike Brown