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Mbeya / Re: Mbeya School
20 September, 2013, 01:36
Hi Valerie,
I remember your name very well, and I also lived in Dodoma!  I and all my siblings went to Mbeya, Peter Quennell in 1949, Luise in 1952, I (Pamela Quennell) went there from 1954 until 1959, and my younger brother Julian from 1956 to 1959.
I remeber:
The German nurse who used to give you a penicillin jab on each side of your bottom on alternate days from even a minor cold(I ended up with a rash which was an allergy to penicillin, but the Headmaster thought I had measles and letters were sent home to all parents to say there was a threat of a measles epidemic!
Keeping chameleons in shoe boxes
The African drummer who told us to come and eat!  I remember chocolate blancmange, called "Tanganyika mud"
The river garden where there was a rope swing we used to swing over the rive on and there were giant dragonflies
The boy who ran away from the bus from Dodoma at one of our stops in the middle of nowhere. He apparently ran into a village and the villagers looked after him until he was returned to school, where he was severely beaten.
Having the strap for the first time on my second day at the school aged 8 because I had put my slippers neatly on the wrong side of my bed!
Playing amongst the fir trees and eating the kernels of the peach pips.
The long drive to school from Dodoma in a bus with wooden seats and green windows and being sick all the way.
Hearing little 6 year-olds crying into the night from homesickness.
The names of the staff I remember are Mrs Jamieson, Mr Mcqueary, Mr Morgan and Mr Wallington.
Having to learn italics writing which I found very hard and using an old fashioned writing pen with metal nibs which we dipped into the ink wells and the boys rolling up bits of blotting paper and dipping them in ink and then firing them around the classroom!
Singind in the choir in cassocks which were too hot and fainting.
The boy who fainted from having an injection and coming back into the hall, and fainting right through the glass doors! CRASH!
Saturday night, movie night seeing all the old black and white movies of Charlie Chaplin etc.
Our excitement when we got parcels from home.
I still have all my leeters I sent home so I shall put them on this site, watch this space!
I now live in New Zeland.