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Downloaded the book from Amazon, much cheaper.
Was very glad I did, what a great read and generally very accurate.
Would recommend anyone who was at Kongwa to get it.
I must admit that I did feel a little let down. I was personally involved in some of the capers, some were my idea at the time. So I kept expecting my name to crop up, but it never did!
As to Mr Whitehead's whip, I did end up in the hospital for nearly a week from his punishment. So unlike in the book, they did have to get involved. I understood much later from my mum, that he eventually got chucked out of EA but I don't the details.
Tanganyika / Arusha
12 July, 2012, 21:42
My mum (eileen) and dad Jock (Ralph) Gordon, my brothers Paul and Lawrence lived in Arusha in the late fifties, anyone remember them?
When we first arrived in Tanganyika, my father was based at a very small camp as part of the ground nut scheme,  which my memory tells me was called something like...Sorowaya, but I can find no trace of it. There were half a dozen or so whitewashed mud houses, a big generator but not much else.
Anyone any idea?
After that we were at Mpwapwa, I was only seven so don't remember too much. Mark Peters, a couple of years older than me was my best mate. I definitely remember a mad elephant (covered in poachers arrows) running amok among the houses until my dad and another guy shot it. I had the photos until my ex wife decided to burn them all!
Have just found this site, so just to say Hi.

I was at Kongwa school, initially the day school in 1949. Then as a boarder until 1956.
I was known as Gordy gogs early on and then Titch.
My brother Lawrence was also there but several years after me.
Only a couple of special names I remember from those day. Mark Peters a great guy and Jane Bradley (my first kiss).
Many memories.........the cross country race around the hill, the hollow baobab tree (nobody daring to climb the pegs), buying raw cane sugar from the local duka and making toffee on the hot water fire, roasting pigeon on same, running electricity out to our tree house (how did we not kill anyone?), twelve of the best (ouch!), my pet chameleon, making butter in a cigarette tin from the lousy milk, collecting the 'cowboys & indians' off the corn flakes boxes, my new sandal dropping down the toilet pit, collecting snakes and scorpions etc when the zoological people visited, etc etc.
Could go on for ages but enough's enough!