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Topics - Valerie Dobson

Mbeya / Mbeya School
19 July, 2009, 06:37
Valerie Dobson Mbeya 1953 to 1955. Burton House Green.
I must be a previous generation as staff members listed currently on the posts are new to me. Mr.Morgan rings a bell & I think he was the Art teacher when I was there. The Headmaster was Mr.Wallington,(Woffler) and his son Mark was a student with my brother(Jack Dobson) & I. In those days girls still got the cane and we were always proud to show our welts off to the whole dorm. Always felt as sick as a dog though, when your name was called out before lunch. Yes!Turnips and all, which I actually enjoyed when covered with salt and pepper.
Other staff members were;

Head Matron - Mrs.McBride (Boys Dorm)

Other Matrons -

Mrs. Bettison who used to give me 2 tablespoons of codliver oil twice a day. I really appreciate that now I am in "old age".

Mrs. Jamieson.

Nurse: Sister Van Geppard,( who always gave us horse injections of penicilin) and her assistant Joseph who was responsible for all the sterilising.

Miss White - Music Teacher

Mrs. Wallington - Drama and always kept the cricket scores on Sundays when we played an Mbeya team

Miss Grenchom (Spelling?)   I think she did art as well, but she actually got married to a handsome young man that did the maintenance.

Miss Brown   who also did Guides & Brownies.

Mr.Crowder - French and Maths.

Miss Walker - Sports and gym. The gym was built while I was there.

Kids that I remember.
Susan Allenby, Pamela Hitchens, Jane Kingdon, Alice and Elizabeth Brazier, Shiela Stacey, Jane McKenzie, Titsa Lagopolos.(Her mum & Dad owned a sweet shop in Mbeya and I regularly went home with her on Sundays. Litsa Psiloglu who lived in Kilosa, Jane McKenzie, Fanny Papadopoulos, Vasos Pouplos,(great cricketer), Ebba Castley,(Danish)
Martha Staub,(Swiss and had a farm around Mbeya somewhere. Suzette Fouche who lived on a goldmine somewhere and I went home with one half term.Rosemary Williams, Susan Nicholls, Brenda Watkins who got off at the same bus stop as the Townsings. Tony Speed, Peter Bradbury, Kenny Watt.
Love to hear from anyone.
Val.Sparshott Melbourne Australia

Dodoma European School was built in 1951. Funds were raised by having an Entertainment Evening", with many people performing many acts. It was performed at the Dodoma Club.
Previous to the school being built, up by the golf course, classes were held in the club and at the mission school run by Miss Cole and her New Zealand Missionaries. Miss Cole was the headmistress at the school and there was another one or two teachers. I remember the Wiggins, especially Margaret, going swimming at the D.C's pool, Carole ? Aileen? Ian? also involved with the mission. The pageant at the school to celebrate the Coronation. The wonderful Ngoma at the Boma on Coronation Day when hundreds of tribespeople came into Dodoma to dance. The ground shook. How priviledged were we to see Africa in those days.