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Mbeya / Re: Mbeya School 1951-54
24 June, 2011, 08:02
Hello Irvin
I haven't been on this site for a while but yes I do remember the chameleons at school and putting them into water to see if they could swim - poor things!
I remember Msasani beach (through sisal plantations, wasn't it) and also going over to Bagamoyo by ferry to the beaches there (I think it was Bagamoyo over the ferry).  I remember the markets but I was also in Dar as an adult so have memories of shopping in the markets and of buying fish from the quay as it came off the boats.  I didn't leave Dar until 1972 but it all seems such a long time ago and I've never thought about it much since - only the odd incident.  I wish my memory was better!
Mbeya / Re: Mbeya School 1951-54
04 May, 2011, 16:02
Hi Irvin

I'm glad somebody has responded to my post!  You've triggered off a few more memories.  I don't remember the pink gins at story time so that's really interesting.  I think I vaguely remember the rhyme.  I remember the warning hissing when any adults were about.  I also remember the buses to school breaking down and having to pile into other ones.  You've reminded me of the sweets handout once a week.  I'm doing a short memoir (2000 words) for a project so I've only just started remembering things again and I didn't like any of my school days much so it's a bit of an effort to think back.  I can't remember where I was in Oyster Bay with my parents, near the school I think at first and then up near the new shops towards Msasani.  Later I lived in Hill Road.
When you start thinking about it, it does come back.
Mbeya / Mbeya School 1951-54
30 March, 2011, 21:12
I've been reading the memories of Mbeya School with interest, and looking at the photos, but most people seem to have been there after me.  I must have a really bad memory because I'm afraid I can't remember any names of pupils although some do ring a vague bell.
Some of the memories are triggering off things I had forgotten but I have no recollection of some things, such as the school uniform, all I can remember are white sports dresses with the house colour round the belt.  I was in Stanley.  Mr Wallington was headmaster and I do remember being read to once a week in his house (Swallows and Amazons), and of being caned (but only once during my time there!).  I remember the awful porridge which we were made to eat, and tree tomatoes for puddings, which I hated. 
I don't remember being supervised very much at all and something nobody has mentioned was the Wheel, a metal contraction which you clung onto inside and which trundled along.  I remember tree climbing, slender trees which waved around a bit and were situated next to a building.  I also remember the River, stealing peaches, kite flying, going up the Peak to a spring which we were told was lemonade and where a boy got bitten by a snake and Mrs Wallington sucked out the poison and spat it out!
I lived in Dar so have memories of the long journey by train and bus.  Previously I went to Oyster Bay School (1949-51) and after Mbeya I went to school in England. 
If anyone was in Mbeya at the same time as me, please let me know.  I have no photos, letters or anything and as my parents are dead, nobody to ask!
My surname was Reed and was father was Revenue Officer in Mbeya in the 60s after I had left the school.