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Mbeya / Visit to Mbeya September 2010
09 October, 2010, 10:31
My wife and I have just returned from a great visit back to Tanzania, and one of the stops that we had we to visit the old school in Mbeya.
We where welcomed by the Headmaster who was very intrested in why we had visited the school and when I told him the my father was once the Headmaster he was intrested in how the school may of changed. He let us have free range of the school and we went everwhere. First stop was the main hall, still has the school badge above the stage, but why there is a giant can of Coke on it not sure. Then out to visit our old house. Big change but still !. The water tower is still there, I was prevented from climbing by my wife...The path down to the river garden is there but very untidy. Next a visit to the gym. The outside where I learnt to roller-skate and inside the wall bars are still there but the climbing ropes have gone, They where getting ready for a graduation presentation which they where going to do on the field and using the seating of the gym on that side. Next the dining hall, bit of a mess no tables and chairs so not sure how the have their meals. We where not going into the dorms but one of the masters insisted and that was a bit of an eye-opener as they seam to be very overcrowded. The master was telling me that there are over 1700 pupils in the school. The place did look run down but what money they get is used for educating the pupils and not necessary for the up keep of the buildings.
Next a visit to the town. This has changed so much. There are now building that start from outside the school and go right into town. Mbeya is now the 3rd largest place in Tanzania and it looks like it. They are building an international Air port out-side town that will be able to take the largest jets. We had to use the old air strip and air port buildings that have not changed at all.
We stayed at the Utengule Coffee Lodge Estate and it was fantastic, can really reccommed it. Possibly a little far from town but that is the only down side, The staff where great and the food was good.
My trip was arranged by Travel Bag in the UK and they used a firm in Tanzania called Ranger Safaris I can really reccommend them.
We had already visited Arusha, and from Mbeya we where going on to Selous game res and then to Dar-es - Salaam.

I will attach some photos of the school.
Mbeya / Re: Photos of Mbeya School
20 August, 2010, 18:46
Never was any good at French try English!!!!!
Mbeya / Yet more photos
11 February, 2010, 19:42
More photos from the old days

I have got many photos from the school and trips that we went on around the area, if you would like a copy of them then please get in touch and I will send you one.


Mark M (My son Andrew has come for tea and put the others on!!!!)
Mbeya / Re: Photos of Mbeya School
11 January, 2010, 19:57
Sorry there should of been more photos...not to good at this computing. Will have to get my son to send others.Watch this space.
Mbeya / Photos of Mbeya School
11 January, 2010, 19:48
Hope these photos bring back some memories. I have got loads more which I could let people have.
Mbeya / Re: Mbeya Memories
25 July, 2009, 08:50
I have just found this site and it is very intresting. In you comments about the school you said that you rember Richard Morgan. He is my brother and is now living in Northampton. Our father was the Headmaster till about 1963/4 not sure, as I was sent back to school in the uk, Sadley dad die avout 20 years ago.
Mark Morgan