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Arusha School / Re: Arusha School
10 April, 2010, 02:34
Now that I have found this forum, I feel as though I was at Arusha School just yesterday. In fact I attended in 1967 to 1969. My name is Mitash Patel. Reading the postings from Kirti and Bharat Jani, Riyaz Manji, Kirit and Deepak Patel, the good old days just sprung to life.

One of the post requested the name of the Horse Riding Instructor. I think it was Ms. Debbie Pope. Ms. Pope was the one who had taken us to see the Humpty, a white horse, that was purchased by the school after the sudden death of the horse Bahram.

Each Saturday we would talk to the city center and would load up on candies and Match Box cars that would later be used for racing along the dirt walkway to the swimming pool area. Some of us would wake up early in the morning and practice field hockey with Mr. Singh (Head of Maintenance).

The brotherhood was reflective when one of us would be detained and would have to miss dinner. Many a times we had put bread slices under our shirts for the detained friend/brother. We would meet in the bathroom after the lights were tuned off and feast. The fun would end  the night before we leave on the buses to Dar and Mbeya respectively for holidays. The pillow fight between the dorms would be on tap.

These were the good old days. Hope more alumni of Arusha School would join this wonderful social networking site.

Mitash Patel
(985) 634-8995
Quote from: mikewb on 07 August, 2009, 07:46
Does any one remember being in the cubs or scouts and going on jamborees. I remember two, one we had to pick out a place in the middle of the bush and make our camp. All we had was a tent. We had to make all the table and chairs and so on and later judged on the area. Second we just had a tent and we had all our gear stolen.
Mike Brown

Mr. Brown, I attended Arusha School between 1967 and 1969. I remember climbing Mt. Meru. Howver, I do not remember the scout leader's name. Our back packs were filled with canned food and bars of chocolates to inhibit hunger. Mr. Jones and Mr. Nettlebeck were school principles respectively. Wondering if anyone else remebers the trip...