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This forum / Re: Introduction
14 August, 2020, 09:24
Hi Bhav,

Sorry for the delay in replying.I had almost given up looking for activity as you can see in my last post of July last year!! Photos a good idea! Over the years quite a few "Arusharites" have used this Forum and some photos may wake them up to get their fingers back onto the Keyboard!? I was in Moshi and Arusha several times in the middle to late 60's.Cricket for the Twigas,(the Tanganyika Touring Team) and after an exhausting climb of Kilimanjaro.Lovely air then.Don't know about now? Good luck with the photos.Maybe it will get some reaction....Best..Simon.
This forum / Re: Introduction
09 July, 2019, 16:52
Hi All Members...actually 261 of you that lie dormant somewhere without a keyboard or a Smartphone!! My last post dated the 28th May this year,"Get in touch,"is as i expected, unanswered.This has been,and is,a great site which the nTZ administrator David Marsh has put a great deal of effort into over the past 9-10 years.Shame on you Members that don't want to bring it alive again by sitting in your "Ivory Towers" somewhere in the World.It's very Sad.

Thanks David for still supporting the site.Every time i look it there are always 5-8 "guests" who are not Members, i assume,checking it out.Thanks guys. Very best...Simon.
Get in touch / "Get in Touch"
28 May, 2019, 16:13
Hi all...and Habari za mchana,

It is amazing that we all have this excellent nTZ website to look at with great opportunities for dialogue with other Members, but very little seems to happen!It is a great shame! The Members list is really full and impressive but such little activity.Many have not been active for 7 years plus.Anyway,not to go on...but if any of you remember me in Tanga between 1953-1961 and Dar-es Salaam between 1963-1965.Also at The Southern Highlands School, (Sao-Hill) between 1957-1960 it would be good to hear from you.I presently live in Gibraltar and Spain and still work at a Race Circuit teaching people to be better drivers or Race-drivers after years of Racing myself.Now retired!!

Very best and Kwa heri,
Simon Watson.
Other / Re: morogoro/ mzumbe
27 September, 2018, 14:32
Hi Graham,i have been off this site for a while, but have returned to it and have just seen your post.I don't remember any of you guys, but I lived in Tanga from 52 to 61 and then Dar from 61 to 65.I played Cricket in Morogoro for Tanga,Dar and for the Tanganyika Twigas so spent many days at a Hotel there.I also used to get the Coach at the end of term from Sao-Hill School going to Dar via Morogoro.I would then fly to Tanga.I guess you still live in UK now? I am based in Gibraltar and Spain. Best..Simon.
Other / Re: morogoro/ mzumbe
27 September, 2018, 14:21
Quote from: GRAHAM LESLIE on 27 February, 2018, 16:48
Is there anyone out there that remembers us from Mzumbe were we lived from 1955-1964 , my mother Beryl Leslie was head of Morogoro school and my father was head of the local Government school in Mzumbe, we lived in Giraffe house and i Graham Leslie went to Mbaya School, my sister Josephine Leslie schooled in Morogoro. My father Ronald Leslie sadly died suddenly in 1964 while we were in the uk, we never returned.
This forum / Re: New Look. 12 August 2015
12 August, 2015, 20:06
Hi David,
The new format looks really good!!Well done!
Many thanks for your answer of today as regards my post of last week, but both seem to have vanished off my screen.I guess this is a temporary thing.
By the way the forum spelling of Soa Hill should read Sao Hill.
Keep up the good work.

Very best,
Tanganyika / Re: Tanganyika Architect
31 July, 2015, 09:41
Hi Graham,

Sorry,no photos of Lady Lead's house. As far as I know she didn't have to work! I believe it's possible that Sisal grew on her plantation and she derived a living from the sales,especially as in the 50s Tanga was the largest exporter of Sisal in the World.

Best regards,
Tanganyika / Re: Tanganyika Architect
22 July, 2015, 20:01
Hi Graham,

I have been waiting for news regarding my Father's old Architect friend before writing back but no joy as yet! It might take a while as my Dad is no longer around and i have contacted a couple of people who are now unfortunately not totally compos mentis! Very sad!

Lady Lead...That's a name I remember even as a child. Massive house!My parents knew her and went to Bridge parties etc..

Tanganyika / Re: Tanganyika Architect
19 July, 2015, 11:59
Hi Graham,
I have been looking through my Father's Photo Albums and Dar address book between 1961 and 1966 hoping to find something for you but nothing has come to light,but i do know that he had an Architect friend from Dar who might still be alive.I will check. Do you know whether your Grandfather was a Cricketer or Tennis player and frequented the Gymkhana Club? Knowing this might help.

It's so strange reading about your Mother and her sisters. They are older than me, but i too went to Sao-Hill,but between 1957 and 1961 and in the 50s whilst we were living in Tanga, we used to go to Lushoto to take out friends at the School there or play Cricket. Also being a car nut even then, i remember Riddoch Motors all over Tanganyika.
Best regards...
Hi Annie, Welcolm to "nTZ". How are you? My name is Simon.I don't know the Gentleman that you are seeking,but I knew and liked Iringa and Mbeya well. I too went to Sao-Hill, but in 1957-1961. I hope you receive an answer from an nTZ Member as regards your post. Best regards...Simon.
Hi Richard,thanks so much for posting these photos! I wish I had seen them before.I went to Sao-Hill School from 1957-61 and remember the distance sign. This De Havilland Heron Aircraft with Princess Margaret aboard also went to Tanga where we lived. I was supposed to have gone to the Airport with my parents but did'nt want to dress-up so I vanished into the bundu to avoid that ordeal!!Tanga Hospital for me meant a broken wrist,Butcher Buck the Dentist and a 5 day stay with Malaria. Very best...Simon Watson.
Arusha / Re: Retzlaff Family - Usa River
12 November, 2012, 16:08

Hi Naomi, I hope you don't mind me asking you, or possibly Pat, whether either of you could tell me whether Paul Retzlaff Junior attended the Southern Highlands School?(Sao-Hill) The name is "ringing bells" that all! It would seem very unlikely, as Arusha School would I quess be the obvious choice, unless he played Cricket for Arusha and hence I have remembered his name. Thanks...Simon Watson.
Get in touch / Re: Geoffrey Holland
12 November, 2012, 15:36

Hi Andrew, I confirm that the photo is Geoffrey Holland with his Labrador "Jet". I would quess that this photo was taken in 1958 when "Jet" was a pup, as he did'nt have the dog in 1957 which was my first year.

Separately to this issue of yours Andrew,I find it amazing that there were 50-60 pupils at the Southern Highland School in 1957,but not one has made any comments as regards your issue, or any other posts of mine since I joined nTZ 3 years ago! Bizaar! V best....Simon.
Get in touch / Re: Geoffrey Holland
07 August, 2012, 12:31

Hi Andrew, I was at Sao Hill between 1957-61. I would estimate that he was fourty when I left which would make him 90+ today. Are you sure that he is still alive? With respect, I lost count how many canings I had through his un-necessary cruelness, so it surprises me somewhat that somebody would want to make contact with him! His black Labrador Jet was brilliant though!! V best...Simon.
Hi.....  I did'nt see the BBC programme of tuesday as I did'nt know of its existance. Do you know whether a repeat is scheduled? I lived in Tanga between 1952 and 1961 and a friend of mine also living in Tanga went to Soni. He returned home fairly "Black and Blue" from canings etc.... So did I sometimes upon return from Sao-Hill but not as excessive. I remember his Mum saying something about it, but that's all I can recall. I also cannot see his name in your many hundreds of Members but many people do not disclose their IDs on the Member's listing. Best Regards...Simon Watson.